Deep Silver, Reloaded Games, and The Workshop Entertainment have announced that APB: Reloaded will join the ranks of free-to-play games making the leap to consoles this spring. APB: Reloaded will be available on both the PS4 and the XBox One.

Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver/Koch Media GmbH, says: “APB Reloaded has become a phenomenon on the PC with a very passionate and faithful community. We are really thrilled to help Reloaded Games and The Workshop bring this fantastic world to life on the new generation consoles.”

The PC version of APB: Reloaded has was also reported to have had more than 5 million downloads and installs since its “resurrection” in December 2011.

The console version of APB: Reloaded will be free-to-play on both consoles but the Xbox One version will require that gamers are paid Xbox Live Gold members.

Will you try out the console version when it releases?


  1. Still not here wow im kinda pissed this one says in spring which started in march 20 and others say late Q2 2015 and were past Q2 now were in Q3!!!!??? Cmon wdf im waiting for this

  2. haha no rly content patches since release, only a few more lvl´s with a few upgrades.

    the only things that they do, bring out a tons of weapons.

    in so much years, no real new action district, no real new cars, nothing.

  3. Lol, this used to be a dream that everyone would laugh about cause we would think this would never happen, now it is happening but it’s actually going next gen consoles which makes it even better.

    I’ve been waiting to play this again for the longest time, I can’t wait for this. This game is one of the funnest shooters I have ever played and most stressful lol; I like it as much as I like playing League of Legends, where I can’t stop playing it but I hate it at times but will still play it.

    Everybody who says this game is pay to win, your only half right; yeah you can buy a bunch of stuff to use but, in all reality if you are just good, you won’t need it, the only thing I “need” to play is premium which is easy to get, and very useful. You can’t say this game is pay to win just because you died to someone with a bought weapon when you be that good with a no-slot in-game money bought weapon.

    • I also got banned by Fairfight because I use aimbot hacks, then I came here to talk out my ass about how great this game is because it is so great. Screw games like GTA, this is the best game ever and you can buy your guns and whoop newbs!!! GOTY, 10/10, BEST GAME BEST GAME.

      • Plus I haven’t even played while fairfight was up, stopped playing a long time before that lol. Stopped cause it was running worse to the point I could only run at 20 fps lol.

        • Don’t listen to these fools, I’m the real Shane251 and if it wasn’t for me and other P2W fools this game wouldn’t of made it to consoles. So in other word the should be thanking ME FOR MAKING THIS GAME SO DAMN RICH TO PORT TO CONSOLES AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hacking doesn’t correlate to being pay to win though….. so you just duped yourself, if someone hacked they wouldn’t need to be pay to win, they would just need a Shaw or an ntec.
            Plus in all honesty APB is worth spending money on, why do you think they are putting it on console out of most pc games that people say are good?

    • I agree, because, i was killing easily with the simples the donater’s, who bought the coolest cars and guns, *ofc there are some OP weapons, but they are very rare*.. (sorry for bad english :))

      • Yeah they’re some OP weapons in the game where a child could use it and be decent. But yeah it doesn’t mean that you gona auto lose just cause you face against people who bought weapons cause 7/10 those same people could use a non pay to win weapon and still be good.

  4. Lord, the people who say the game is pay 2 win are the same people who will always be bronze or low silver. Face reality, its not, you’re just bad. I for one welcome it to the consoles, and will play it on my PS4.

    • I also bought my entire loadout of OP weaponry and enjoy being paired against newbs who I can crush with no effort because I am so MLG that I don’t even need to use my fingers to play. My e-peen is enormous and so god help you if you insult my favorite no-life game. Do not question my e-peen I am MLG PRO YOLO SWAG 420 BLAZE IT.

  5. Havnt played for a few years, had to quit because of all the damn Russian aim boters. Hows is this game a phenomenon on the PC with a very passionate and faithful community. Only thing I remember anyone being faithful about was using aim bot to cheat.

  6. Lmao deep silver? The clowns that can’t even get dead island to run properly on PC? Oh yes, I’m confident in their work so much.


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