Dead Island 2 Is Adding A Rollerblader And A Stripper To The List Of Playable Characters

These two will be stuck in a zombie-infested LA along with four other playable characters.

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Dead Island 2 New Characters

When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, you never know who’s going to be left standing. You might assume it would be the cops or the military – people with guns, but chances are that it’ll end up being people with very different skillsets that all somehow translate to survival. Or just people that got lucky (if you consider being trapped in a city with hoards of the undead lucky).

Based on some of their recent reveals, it seems that’s really what the devs of Dead Island 2 are going for in their roster. Not only is the face of the game a Hollywood stuntman, we now find out that two other characters being added are an Irish punk rollerblader and a male stripper.

You can read the full bios of Dani and Ryan in GameInformer's cover pieces, but the rollerblader, Dani, is a bit of an outcast and never fit in at home in Ireland, so she moved to California as quickly as she could and eventually discovered a love of roller derby. The other character, Ryan, is pretty laid back, although a bit cynical. He got into stripping because people told him he’d be good at it. Now he’s trying to get to his little brother and get him out of LA – a pretty big goal considering the place is locked down.

Dead Island 2 Ryan

Playwise, Dani hits hard with her Thunderstruck ability while using a regen ability named Bloodlust to get health back when landing several attacks in a row. Ryan, on the other hand, is tankier. He uses the abilities Retaliation and Seesaw. The first gives him a boost when using block or dodge, the second grants him health for taking out zombies.

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