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We should probably stop putting the word “micro” in front of “transaction” when talking about items in a free-to-play MMO’s cash shop. I like real-money transaction, or RMT, personally. How about y’all?

In any case, the Xbox One port of APB Reloaded to the Xbox One, which launched last week, offers a range of currencies for players to buy, ranging from $5 for 400 G1C — the game’s real-money currency — to a whopping $200 for the big package of 20,800 G1C. Buying G1C in $5/400-point chunks would set you back $260, so the $200 price tag offers a significant savings, in a manner of speaking.

…at least, these are the reports we’re seeing on various sites around the Internet. Strangely, though, while I can find links to the currency bundles on Google, clicking on them brings me to an error page and I can’t even find “APB” on the Xbox store site. Maybe a change is in the works? Perhaps someone with an XB1 can help verify things.

APB Store XB1

In any case, it’s not like we haven’t seen big packages for early access packages or in F2P cash shops before, but what makes this one so notable is that it appears to be only in the console version of the game; the PC version appears to just offer the $5/400 bundles, with no savings for big purchases. That probably makes it a tougher sell for console gamers who aren’t used to seeing such eye-popping costs for their “free” games.

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  1. This game has potential, but i really don’t like the businessmodel. You only can get weapons perma if you spend more IRL money on the game, so basicly, if you don’t spend a penny on the game, you cant get a weapon perma. You stick with the buy it for 3-10 days bullshit, because the clock is ticking even if you don’t play. The best method if you use time limited item, if only count the time what you played, not just the days that went. But if you want a perma weapon, you have to spend like 10+15 bucks or more, thats bullshit.

  2. Pay 200$ on a F2P game you will play for a few weeks or a few months?

    Omg, learn to spend cash buddy! That is what a cash whale is guys. Look at this crap and that is why Crappy F2P games exist.

  3. When you see a game with microtransaction options higher than $60, alarm bells should be going off in your head.
    When you see a game with microtransaction options as high as $100 or even $200, you should stay far away from it if you have standards that aren’t sitting at the Earth’s core.

    • How so? If you never played the game you don’t know why that $200 amount is appropriate. Plus people give $200 donations to people on streams, Star Citizen sells ships over $200 dollars(even into the thousands). What is that money used for? For they development of the game or the person’s twitch. Talk about standards like people don’t through thousands onto a game just because that game has not a singular item priced over $50

      • Yes I have played the game and like many others I can vouch for it’s shoddy design. I’m mostly speaking to the people with 9-to-5 jobs that are looking for reasonable value for their money and time, not whales with bigger wallets than brains.
        Unless you’re a corporate slave that is stupid enough to define your identity by what games you play or what company you buy from (in which case you deserve to have your money fleeced from you like the unthinking sheep you are), continued development of a game is not a concern. That’s the publisher’s job. The end-user has no obligation to shoulder the burden of a company that can’t balance the books. If a company wants money, they must offer sufficient value in return. No game -especially F2P- is good enough to justify spending $200 on unless you have very poor standards. For the simple reason that there are vastly superior alternatives available at a much lower price point. This is the free market after all.
        And no, I don’t care about Twitch. I’d rather be playing games than watching them.

  4. Ugly and boring PAY TO WIN shit! For nerds who cant win without cheats they can buy overpowered pay to win stuff like in world of tanks and other pay to win craps!

  5. Well ya see, if ya played the game you would know why the $200 dollar amount is reasonable. The Key to the World pack is like $100 dollars. I’ve spent like 400 or so on the game, but I didn’t get the key to the world pack. APB is great as long as you are good or a good sport.

      • What’s greedy? The fact that they need money to run the game? So they can finally release the engine upgrade to the game? Say it’s greedy but you know nothing about the game. APB is a way of life man, 90% who play the game(including me) joke about how we hate it but we like playing it cause it’s fun.


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