A free-to-play battle royale based on Respawn Entertainment’s and Electronic Arts’ Titanfall is in the works, and it’s probably going to be officially announced on Monday.

That’s the word coming from multiple news sources today, notably esports Rod Breslau, who’s been tweeting what he knows about the upcoming title, named Apex Legends, for the better part of the last 24 hours.

According to Breslau, the game will run on Valve’s Source Engine and will have classes, a maximum of 60 players per server, three-player teams, and microtransactions and cosmetics in loot boxes “with a very similar approach to that in Overwatch.” At least one tester seems highly enthusiastic about the game:

I’m curious as to how Respawn will implement BR-style mechanics into a Titanfall game. Will you start off with nothing and have to find your Titan somewhere in the play area? I’m betting you won’t find it in a cupboard next to a pistol.

We’ll likely have a good deal more information on Monday. Until then: What do you think of the idea of a Titanfall-based battle royale?


  1. The game looks and seems pretty well made, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a great game or ruin it.
    This violin has been thrashed a lttle too hard though.

  2. Battle Royale is good only irl *period*

    I’m not insane…just made a logical conclusion after this BR clone wave started:
    you can call it whatever you like, but unless it’s being FORCED to kill everyone (family/friends/neighbors/people you liked on first sight) around to survive yourself, it’s just another common Death-Match mode FPS [be it 5 players/16 players/100 players/billion players].

    • This comment makes you sound like a 16 year old edgy emo kid who thinks the best masterpiece in the world is Naruto and thinks nobody understands him.

  3. I mean sure there are a few people commenting on their dislike for battle royal, but i do believe it is true that the battle royal genre is still not very defined yet. Its a pretty new concept in the gaming industry still with the ONLY AAA company that has made on is the call of duty one. Battlefield 5 will be joining in soon an and not titan fall.

  4. Wouldave been 100x better if it was a 50v50 or 100v100v100 or 100v100 battle.

    Like BF / Arma / Planet side etc…

    This would give a game a huge boost and would stand out from everyone else.

    We already have pubg with realistic stuff, RoE with futuristic stuff… As battle royals…

  5. Just like how companies have to copy and paste an idea over to the point of bloating it. Nothing new ever gets made think this dry spell is going to cause a massive fissure for gaming in the near future.


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