Apex Legends’ Season 6 is now live, bringing with it a new legend, new crafting system, and other major changes to Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. The new legend is 21-year-old Ramya Parekh, a.k.a. Rampart, who likes big guns, with her ultimate ability letting her deploy a tripod-mounted minigun for anyone on her team to use.

As befits a tech-minded legend like Rampart, Apex Legends’ new crafting system is now a part of the game, letting players use Replicators scattered about the map to create the perfect weapon. Learn more about the system from its dedicated blog piece.

The World’s Edge map is also undergoing some significant changes, as Hammond Industries expands its operations. Entirely new structures have been constructed on the map, opening up new avenues for players to navigate and spring the perfect trap for unsuspecting foes. Check out Design Director Jason McCord’s rundown of all the changes here.

Check out the rest of what’s new in Season 6, including changes to armor, new holosprays, quest continuation, legend changes, and more on the Apex Legends site.


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