Why be a a regular, plain ol’ vampire when you can be a vampire lord? That’s what you can do next month in AdventureQuest Worlds, when the vampire lord class becomes available as the game’s new birthday class.

October actually represents a confluence of events in AQW, as the game’s 15th anniversary coincides with Friday the 13th and the Mogloween event. During this time, you’ll be able to unlock the vampire lord for 2,000 AdventureCoins or by working to obtain it in-game.

In addition, Artix Entertainment is looking to bring back Vampire Queen Safiria, billed as “one of the most popular Artix Entertainment characters of ALL time.” Sadly, she met her end during the finale of the Chaos Saga, but Artix promises that if players “fight hard enough, if we are brave enough, if we are WORTHY enough,” she may return. And they won’t even require any of your blood…

You can learn more about the vampire lord class on the AQ Worlds designer diary page.


  1. This game is just sad how. I used to play AQWorlds but soon as the Chaos Saga ended then Artix Entertainment just lost their touch with AQWorlds and never got it back. Part of it had to do with AQ3D and another part of it had to do with Adobe flash being phased out on a global scale and another part of it had to do with Artix entertainment just not having enough staff members anymore but that’s because they are an indie dev studio. Personally I think they are just running too many games and should shut some of the dead games down but I highly doubt they will since they are committed to keeping every game they built up as long as possible even if it’s not making money and nobody plays them anymore. But AQWorlds just feels like it’s a paid 2 win game that tries to force you to spend every dime possible and forces you to buy VIP membership and Adventure coins and people keep bragging about their cool rare items. But all I have to say is AQworlds isn’t worth playing anymore from my perspective. But for AQ3D I’d say why not check it out? It’s their first 3d game I don’t have high hopes for it since it already feels like they are trying to cash in on the micro currency but since it’s not fully released yet but it doesn’t hurt to check out a unfinished game.


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