If you’ve been following the launch of ArcheAge even remotely closely you already know there have been many ups and downs. From long queue times initially, to DDoS attacks, land claim hacks, teleporting hacks, innocent bannings, Marketplace discounts that still aren’t implemented…yeah we can stop there, it’s been quite a ride.

Apparently the ride continues on! In an MMORPG (and most online gaming for that matter), hacking is (in most cases) a transgression worthy of a permaban. Yes, exceptions can of course be made based on severity and other factors, but usually the offenders get a one way ticket to the door.

Apparently that may not be the case in ArcheAge, or at least that’s how some players perceived a response from Trion Worlds on the subject that was posted on the game’s official forums. The thread has since been removed by Trion.

The initial post was in response to an instance of a player using a teleportation hack, being banned, and then being unbanned 24 hours later. Members of the Trion team stated that bans are of course investigated and while most bans stick, some are reversed based on situation. Another team member then added:

As Morgana said, we do investigate and the majority of bans do stand. Sometimes folks are still able to get away with some shady stuff, but our policy and procedure is improving every day in dealing with them. As we improve our detection and get better records, it’ll be harder and harder for folks to get away with stuff like this.Locking this thread down as there is nothing more to be said on the subject.

Of course, this sent the forums into a frenzy accusing Trion Worlds of giving hackers a “second chance” and led to the original threads being pulled from the forums. Not content to simply let the topic disappear, multiple new forum posts have since sprung up (mostly to be closed rather quickly) including another post from Community Manager Scapes attempting to “clarify” their earlier posting:

Correcting posts made earlier this week, it is not our policy to apply an initial temporary ban for hacking. A permanent ban for hacking is our policy and we are reimplementing bans on relevant accounts, freezing the gains made from them.

Also, our Support Team is working to resolve appeals by legitimate accounts affected by our recent bans as rapidly as possible.

How this shakes out will be anyone’s guess, but with multiple issues and instances of players having to run 3rd party applications to get the game to even run (I hate Hackshield), it’s unlikely to get better for quite some time.

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. I really wanted this game to be great. It had so many great concepts about 6 years ago when knowledge of the development came out in the US. I watched it for a long time, even played the RU version for a while. I played Trion’s version since early beta into launch, but so many issues with the way it has been handled and so much of the world just feels void and empty, not to mention it is no where close to a Sandbox at all! This part of the game was so falsely advertised. As of about a week ago I have pretty much stopped playing the game. I doubt XL Games will be very fast to fix any issues, if at all. I leave this one to sit for now.

  2. I’ve never seen a commercial release of a game go south so fast. Bots, hacks..jesus christ, soon it’ll be on life support if Trion doesn’t pull their head out of their ass.

  3. Why anyone would trust Trion is beyond me. Don’t be a sheep who follows the multitude, think for yourselves, if you evaluate this game you’ll see its just an old ass game brought to the West to make money off the crowd who likes games like WoW and lure in others who get fooled by the “f2p” tag.

    • I agree. Rift is a far better game than ArcheAge. The two games are such polar opposites, you can easily tell which development team knows how to make a game and which doesn’t.

      Rift is underrated. It looks better, plays better, there’s no gold seller spam, there’s no hackers drop hacking the game or botters running around, there’s no random bans being thrown out, the community is actually half decent and will talk to you/help you if you need something rather than ignore you. I’m not even a big MMORPG fan yet I found Rift to be a good game so that should tell you something.

      • @dilan Nah man, as of this post there are modders on about 10 or so of the servers. Dont have a precise number, but most of my chars on the servers have been screwed over by hackers.

  4. Tonns of bots, scammers, global chat hard to read, neverending goldseller spam, in eu server faction ballance is like 10% vs 90% and pay to win for all this mess

  5. this game is hanging on cause of the unique systems they got even tough they got

    -repititive combat
    -crappy graphics
    -shitty community
    -shitty developer (steparu even hated that developer)
    -worst f2p model i have seen

    if they dint had those unique systems that game wouldn’t even survive 6 months

    • If you think their F2P model is bad, giving a majority of the game to F2P players with absolutely no pay2win garbage in the cash shop, well then kiddo I suggest you hit up a pay2play MMO because you CLEARLY aren’t looking for a f2p MMO.
      As far as F2P MMOs are concerned, AA is one of the best at the moment.
      All servers are constantly quite full of people, and it will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future. As much as the vocal minority would like to think, this is currently one of the most popular and successful F2P games on the market at this point in time.

      • Yes it’s so wonderful with its DDOS attacks, hacks and bot infestations the likes of which only get seen nowadays in nexon games. That’s good. Good. Yeah.

        • Like I said before, the only people who are in defense of ArcheAge in the current state that it’s in are either employees or probably gold sellers who want us to play the game so they can profit from us.

          • Or those of us who really don’t give two craps about them and can actually ignore them, or have learned how the use the BLOCK and REPORT buttons. Just sayin’.

  6. Wow thats sad that some people have to use third party to even gain access to ArcheAge, then again Hackshield is a flawed program that typically causes major problems within mmos most of the time it being access to the game, I still remember one game I downloaded that used hackshield yet I couldn’t play the game because hackshield kept locking me out or crashing.

  7. This game is just an all-around mess. It’s 2014 and the graphics look like a 2005 game. I mean they got all that Founder pack money and still couldn’t hire some decent artists to make the game look nice? It’s a buggy mess with hackers running around and bans everywhere. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a game so poorly handled.

    • Oh I agree completely and alot of people do believe this game will only last a year if lucky, with how its current design stands.

      • you’d be surprised how may games last more than a year, it’s a game that will get fixed down the road, the game has high server population and people working on the game. This game has a better chance than most games.

    • *Sigh* this is yet another post where the person thinks they know everything.

      1. Archeage isn’t a game they made, it’s what they publish, so if they wanted a game with better graphics they would of published a different game.

      2. there’s games with better graphics than this they are still worse off, and if graphics concerned you wouldn’t have even started playing this.

      Apparently you consider a game better than this so go play it instead of wasting your time on an mmobomb post to complain about something you didn’t say 100% correct.

      • tbh if I was Trion I woulda told a XLgames to either fix there crap, listen and do as Trion as says or we’ll drop your title in the shitter where it belongs even Trion knows XLgames AA is total crap right now yet is to embarrassed to admit they picked up such a horrid title to host.

        • If by embarassed you mean laughing all the way to the bank with millinos of dollars siphoned from the likes of founders and patron purchases then yeah sure, embarassed and very very rich.

          • Idiot. Just because you make a bunch of money at the start doesn’t mean you were a success. It just means you scammed a bunch of people. There are plenty of games who built up a bunch of hype and got people to invest money into it, and then released and eventually died because of how crappy the game was. Let’s not forget Guild Wars 2 – made an insane amount of money, but now their playerbase is so low they had to do this giant server merge because some servers were a ghost town.

            AA will suffer the same fate.

          • Guild Wars 2 isnt bad I acually enjoy it more than AA(archeage) I baught founders pack and was unimpressed with the total package. The gameplay is eally boring and is almost feels like you cant advance with out 20hrs a day gametime and ingame purchases (patron). farming sucks and takes hours or days like Phone games. The water/pirate is a twist but isnt new (just to mmo based landgame).. Asian based graphics do seem a bit dated clean with high graphic mode, but really seems old. The game is more hype and is GUILD based when comes to gameplay. I vite 6out10 stars . Currently i havent played since week 2 of launch.

      • 1. I never said Trion developed the game. Whether they developed it or not, associating themselves with a game that looks like it was made in 2005 was probably not the best business decision. Even Runescape has better aesthetics, and that’s a browser game.

        2. Uh… please point out to me the games you’re referring to. ArcheAge is not only one of the worst looking games out right now but it also plays like crap and it’s being managed like crap. So please give me this list of games of yours that are in a worse position than ArcheAge is right now. And don’t even dare bring up high server population when we already know most of them are hackers or botters.

        You seem really angry over my comment. You wouldn’t happen to be a Trion employee would you?

        • Judging a game by it’s graphics is the first sign that you don’t understand anything about MMORPGs. I’m not gonna discuss about graphics here mainly because of that reason. Having that said, I played the closed beta tests and got really disappointed about the game, played till level 5 or 10 and quitted. Last week I decided to give it a chance and redonwloaded it. I’ve being having a great time so far. I undestood the class system that allows to create kind of unique classes, the battle is classic and still really fun, I like the OverAchieve thing and the hidden quests too, I think it will even get more and more interesting. The problem is, MMORPG players adapt better to some games, but, you need to loose some time to know if you are into or out a game.

          • Why are you only focusing on my comments about the graphics? I also stated 3 or 4 more issues I had with the game. Stop trying to make me out to be someone who’s only issue with ArcheAge is the graphics. That’s merely ONE of the problems I have with the game.

            I still play Pokemon Crystal on my Android phone from time to time. Those graphics look horrible compared to the Pokemon games nowadays, yet I still play Crystal. So no, I don’t “only play games with good graphics.” I’ve been playing online games since I was 11 – I think I understand MMORPGs, as well as every other genre of game by now. And if a game is released in 2014 that has N64 graphics, that’s not exactly a plus for me unless the game intended to have a retro look. That’s not the case here – ArcheAge has poor graphics because simply because the development team did a poor job apparently.

          • @dilan is trolling? out of curiosity tell me a title with “2014 good graphic” so we can make a comparison

    • Aside from ground textures, the game looks great.
      Your shitty potato might not be able to handle what the game has to offer.

      and no, just hitting “high” on all the options doesn’t automatically mean any game will look good if your computer is indeed a potato.

    • The issue isn’t a development one. The issue is that you are expecting a MMORPG to have amazing visual fidelity when in reality MMORPGs are specifically designed to run on the lowets common denominator of PC (I”m looking at you Intel HD gpus).

      Having models/textures/vfx that look dated is absolutely intentional and critical to a MMO in reaching the largest market they can (i.e. college kids with laptops)

      • Basically what you just implied is that any game developer who decides to have nice graphics in their game doesn’t know what they’re doing.

        Also, if what you said is true, and ArcheAge intentionally made their game look dated, they still failed, because their system requirements still managed to be too high. You mentioned Intel HD GPUs, but I just read the minimum requirements and it says you’d need a Geforce 8000 with 512 MBs of ram. Those GPUs that come integrated in computers and laptops don’t put out that kind of power ( unless you specifically purchase a gaming computer or laptop ) so there’s still going to be a bunch of people who either won’t be able to run this game, or will have to play it on the absolute lowest settings which will make it look worse than it already does.

        • Some of the newer intel HD gpus have performance similar to a geforce 8000 series with 512 mb ram (8800 series is the only one with 512 mb). Even the older intel HD gpus will run the game, they will just get crap framerates most likely.

          This doesnt’ mean it’s good (it’s not), it means that the game is designed to run on very low-end rigs. Just like basically every single other MMORPG. Corner are cut to achieve this.

          Name me one MMORPG that has cutting edge nice graphics in their game. I”m not implying that devs that decide to put nice graphics in their game don’t know they’re doing. I”m implying that MMORPGs are specifically designed to run on teh lowest common denominator, other genres differ (sometimes greatly).

          • Basically what I”m saying is that like pretty much all min. system requirements they are very vague and can mislead people. Intel HD gpus will definitely run the game, some Intel HD’s might greatly struggle to get a playable framerate though but some will definitely meet the standard of a geforce 8 series with 512.


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