Just in case tremendous queues times didn’t tip you off to the fact that a LOT of people are trying out ArcheAge, the most recent game update from Trion Worlds should seal the deal for you. Over 2 Million register users. Yep! That’s the mark ArcheAge officially surpassed a few days ago. That’s a seriously impressive stat. Yes, I hear ya, “But Magicman, of course a lot of people are interested at launch and want to check it out. That doesn’t mean it’s a success!” I totally agree. While 2 million is a huge number to start with (and certainly a number worth celebrating if you’re a Trion Worlds employee) the long term is going to be far more interesting in my opinion. Can ArcheAge keep a high player base AND one that is willing to spend the money required to keep the game moving forward? Only time will tell.

With a cash shop system that some just aren’t too fond of, future changes will be very interesting indeed.

The latest update also brings the current server count to 21, boots six figures worth of “bad actors” (bots) from the game (yes, this number was subtracted before announcing the 2 million registered users total), and announces that the upcoming Auroria content should be released in a handful of weeks.

Check out the full update and be sure to keep your eyes on this week’s patch notes to see if your favorite bug got squashed!

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  1. Every MMO has some system that makes the game take longer and rewards those willing to put in the time. AA however allows players to manage labor so that if used wisely, you can get things done in a short time. If you just log in and use the labor maybe AA is not the game for you, the game is for people who “think” their way through the game not just consume labor. Besides, 1 labor = 1 point to level a vocation. So in a way, this is the only game that allows players to manage how their character is built and what skills it will have with no limitations. An archer for example can learn to make and wear plate armor. Also unlike most MMO’s leveling to the top is a breeze.

  2. go check popular sites like reddit and all they have are screenshots of hacks happening and bots everywhere still

    hell the devs even encourage them as long as they are paying members by refusing to ban them unless they stop paying

  3. I really like this game. Have put in over 300 bucks into it so far. But unless they open up more land for Patron players, and stop letting jackholes own umteen spaces of land, a lot of people are gonna leave. I have 3 lousy freaking 8×8’s and a aqua farm. I am lucky to have them, all 3 separate characters, but we have certain players that feel they need to cheat to get more land to make more gold. Niama has one certain player that has gotten at least 50 16x`6 and 20 24×24 areas. He turns around and sells the spots for big money. To me that looks like one of the gold sellers because even with 50 people stand there to get one condemned house he get that spot 9 out of 10 times because he uses some kind of macro, and hack. I know this because I happened to be first to click and get my house down and before I could even push the button to ok it, my screen disappeared and this players house was there. Trion still needs to work out quite a few hacks that stupid Hackshield cant bust, but other than that its a pretty fun game now that all the bot and gold spammers are gone. Yeah we get some spam in mail and a few gold spammers will level to 15 and get a few adds off before they are blocked or kicked. I will be sticking around for a bit to see where it goes.

    • i play the game for a week or more and there arent any bots, just regular players, some gold spammers here and there that you can easily block

      overall the game is AmAzing

    • ArcheAge now boats few thousand players the GAME TOTALLY SUCK TRION ARE WORST GAME PUB EVER PVP IS WORST EVER NO BRAIN PVP CC/STUN LOCKS …. where is fun in dead game ???

      it is a SANDBOX WITH NO SAND

  4. I was very disappointed with this game. I bought the 50 buck silver pack during cbt, attended headstart , only was able to get 16×16 and a 8×8 in a pvp area. Like someone else said here, i did not realize labor was going to bother me much because i just wanted to pvp but omfg hell Labor is EVERYTHING. You want to make money in this game? You NEED land, or your going to make money by scamming people or hopefully killing noobs in the sea for their trade packs which can take up to HOURS and HOURS. This game is VERY time consuming and draining. The game felt like a job instead of a fun pvp game. I was in a great guild on the west, but the East side has way too many advantages over everything in this game and east zerg guilds run the server and it discouraged me to continue, I’m glad i sold my account for 90 bucks on epicnpc, made a profit and dont have to worry about Jobage again. It takes forever to get anything done in this game. Tradepack run ins take a DAY for you to get your money. If you dont have land, dont play, you will fucking bash your head in.

  5. Though, a lot of the supposed players are bots. I saw more bots than real people until I got to around the PvP levels (probably not as bad anymore I think), and of course the gold sellers… but it really is a decent game and I have no doubt that it’s numbers will rise.

  6. I’m always sceptical when I see that a game reached X users – amount of registered accounts does not matter a lot for a F2P game, the number of people playing every day / every week tells a lot more.

    If they really want to boast with the number of accounts (which does not equal the number of players – most of my friends have made 10 additional League accounts and leveled them so they receive the Refer-a-Friend bonuses) they should completely ignore: a) accounts which have no characters at the level cap (or even at half the level cap); b) accounts that haven’t been logged in to via the game client in 30 days (I’d even say logging in isn’t enough, they should do some progress – earn experience or gold); c) accounts that have never paid actual money for the game.
    As long as these numbers contain those who made an account and found that they do not enjoy this game I’ll be unable to see anything in these numbers other than companies trying to show whose e-peen is the biggest.

  7. I thought the labor system wouldn’t affect me much since I only wanted to pvp. Boy was I wrong. You aren’t going to be able to do practically anything without labor. I got to level 50, was severely disappointed in the pvp system (invincible houses and people on the property? wtf… but they can still kill you).

    Nothing but groups and guilds running around. No hope for a solo player. I tried arena too, people just make ranged builds and run/teleport away. Very frustrating.

    I quit and haven’t looked back. This game is a big joke.

  8. Short Answer: No. Long Answer: With how quick even a free player can reach the level cap within the core rpg aspect of the game, and the majority of other content locked through a strict and repressive labor point system this game will lose players quickly when the hype bubble pops.

    • It’s kinda a useless stat tbh. Especially for a newly launched mmo. They should announce the number of people who actually log in, not the number of registered users!

      • But it would be a fraction of that number, this builds back in to the hype and buys another few months till word gets out how bad it is.


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