ArcheAge Creator Jake Song Talks About His Return In Interview Video

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

ArcheAge creator Jake Song has been away from the game for a while, taking care of other things that required his attention. But now... he's back as the game's Executive Producer.

To mark Song's return, the ArcheAge team decided to hold a short Q&A session with him and get it all on video. They ask him several questions ranging from what his recent involvement with the game is like to who his favorite hero from the Library Expedition is.

Song has gone all-in with the development process and looks to provide direct input into the game's development. He even notes things like monthly content updates, and how he's looking to focus more on things that will make the game fun. He believes this aspect may have been overlooked when the game was first being developed as they were so focused on other features.

For those looking for more playable races, he also states that there are plans to make the Returned and Fairies playable... although he's not sure when that will happen.

Watch the full interview below. (If they don't automatically come on for you, be sure to turn on closed captioning.

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Weilan 5 years ago
It's true, aside from crafting the game doesn't offer anything else. I remember playing it when it first launched and the world looked so barren and empty and many zones looked like the same green forest. It was a really boring game.

I really doubt they will be able to save it at this point, let alone procure the amount of content that will make it more of an RPG and less of a sandbox.

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