Slapping Pumpkins in ArcheAge's Hallowtide Event

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Today, Trion announced that ArcheAge's annual fall event, Hallowtide, would be returning on October 24. The event, which will run until November 7, offers a few festivities for players to take part in. During its run, Erenor's festival laws will be in place, meaning PvP won't be available in Two Crowns or the Solis Headlands. This will leave players to enjoy honoring the souls of the dead and hunting for candy... all in an effort to earn festival tokens. And you want those tokens, because that's how you're going to get your hands on some sweet Hallowtide prizes. The prizes range in price from 5 tokens to 150 tokens and consist of outfits and other fun items.

In addition to the above activities, players will also have the chance to get their hands on all kinds of goodies while taking out their aggression on pumpkins. The pumpkins are growing all over the place in the Mirage Isle and the Masked Daru needs you to take care of them -- by smashing them with a broom. There are a lot of rewards to be had for doing this, ranging from Common to Super rare.

In fact, there are lots of goodies to be obtained during this event and in a variety of ways. To see a comprehensive list, check out the event announcement on the ArcheAge site.

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