ArcheAge hasn’t officially launched in the West yet, but it’s still off to a rocky start.

There are the usual “launch-day” issues faced by any MMO — bugs, long queues, etc. — but a couple, more infrequent problems plagued ArcheAge during its headstart, which began on the 12th and runs until the 16th.

First and foremost, the servers were hit with a DDoS attack on Saturday the 13th, that persisted for several hours, as acknowledged by the official ArcheAge twitter:

Another issue was the “housing rush” that saw the initial surge of players quickly leveling up their characters to the point where they could score a house and farm and taking up (theoretically) the best claims in the open world. There’s probably still space available in later areas, but it should serve as an example of why housing instances are almost always instanced — all the “best” land is taken, and the game hasn’t even launched yet.

That will happen at the end of the headstart, on Sept. 16 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific. Will you be trying the game? Or are you already in?

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  1. The amount of limitation they placed into the game for F2P users is bit overboard. Their excuse for many of the limitations is to avoid gold farmers. I was laughing hard. Gold farmers always find way, but punishing F2P users for it is inexcusable. My friends also have said that they won’t play Archage due to various limitations. Even those who are willing to pay subscription based are not confident that Archage is taking the right path.

    At least 20 people have crossed out Archage from their list in my community… that alone gave a strong message.

  2. archeage limits you way too much. it will fail because it limit f2p players too much. they shouldn’t limit at all. and it calls it self a f2p mmo? what a lie.

    • The only limit is that you can’t have a house or pay for its upkeep, and that you need to buy a license to sell things on the AH, which is cheap and can be bought from the AH, other players or the cash shop. You can still farm and raise livestock on public farms/ranches. So the only limit AA puts on F2P players is that you can’t have a house, and that’s barely a limit at all compared to many other F2P MMOs.

      • You have to be aware of a few things:

        A) Labor points are severely limited on free accounts.

        B) Getting land sucks, I’m a founder who played since headstart day 1 – and getting land is next to impossible.

        C) Public farms and ranches don’t really have much space either.

        Not creating housing instances has screwed the would be long time investors looking for an MMO with something different.

        Lots of my friends said screw it and are going other places. Most people I know are social gamers, so if friends can’t play …. well, they go somewhere else. I’m thinking the problems will be fixed when nobody plays at all.

  3. Gotta love the conviction of these fail basement dwellers – New game launching, no lifes, UNITE. DDOS attack go. How pathetic does your existence have to get before this becomes a sound decision?

    • Let me clarify my meaning even further – What jackass risks prison time for a staged attack on a free to play title that has little to no chance of any real success to begin with on opening day?

  4. Once, I was excited… but now I see…. the only MMORPG, which will never fall, the father of everything, World of Warcraft, fianl decision, Im gonna stick with it, forever. Need expand otw, let the numbers grow, ONCE AGAIN!!!

    Quel’ Delar!

  5. These “land grabs” are not going to be an issue for long. Things are going to change as soon as people realize that they need a recurring subscription to keep their houses and that it’s not worth it.

  6. The game is crap anyways, as soon as people have some time with it they will see its literally all been done before but now its in an ugly pay 2 win shell.

  7. I don’t see a problem with the “housing rush”. There is plenty of land left on Ollo, it may not have a view, but do you really need a view in a video game? As long as you have enough space to put your house and farms down you will be okay.

    I think those Early Access servers are pretty much full already, so they won’t see a big influx in players once release comes around.

      • You obviously don’t know what a Ddos is. Ddos aka dynamic denial of service attack. This attack starts with with software like low orbit ion cannon, the program then sends thousands of server requests faking a client per connection the goal of this type of attack is to crash the server on purpose by overloading it with fake connections and as such means no one can play.

        • DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service attack.

          It’s done by botnets, where one person is sending commands from one computer to multiple computers which then send requests to a server in an attempt to overwhelm the servers available bandwidth.

          The goal isn’t to crash the server (although that does happen sometimes).
          The goal is to use all of the servers bandwidth so that people who are trying to use the service legitimately cannot establish a connection or have to deal with extremely slow data transfer speeds.

    • It’s just the same deal as real-life (which seems to be what archeage is going for anyways)
      Which one would you choose?

      a land next to a lake, or a land next to a graveyard.

      That’s the difference, early access players can choose lake, while other poor souls gets the graveyard.

      They shouldn’t even have allowed housing in early access, because it’s a limited feature, if it was unlimited like instanced, it would have been ok.


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