Today, Trion Worlds announced the next ArcheAge fresh start phase, Regin: Part 1. In this phase, fresh start players will be introduced to the Dwarven and Warborn races. The new phase — which is slated to hit servers on July 18 — will raise the fresh start level cap to 55 and unlock the previously mentioned races as well as their starting areas and quest chains. It will also allow players to experience the Mistsong Summit dungeon where they will team up with the Crimson Watch to defeat the dungeon’s three bosses.

In addition to the content coming to the fresh start servers, Trion has revealed that players on both fresh start and legacy servers can look forward to a variety of upgrades. These will introduce new features, update existing systems, and balance gameplay elements between free-to-play and paid players.

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  1. I played my fair share of this game back in 2014 and I got bored with it in a couple of weeks, I think it’s a poorly made game and they’ve only built more content on top of their errors and mistakes and I see no reason to play it anymore.

  2. they better unlock that second character slot or offer race changes. If they wanna be d-bags and charge for the char slot at least that’ll be better than people having to make a new account just to play them.


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