ArcheAge’s new Producer, Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai, took to the ArcheAge forums to drop a new Producer’s Letter detailing some of the plans Trion Worlds has in store for the free-to-play MMORPG.

Khrolan dives right in and addresses a huge issue that the player base has had since day one: communication. Going forward, the new Producer aims to make sure Trion Worlds is more transparent with their communication, this includes not only details on new content coming, but also is an effort to drive issue resolution and changes made based on player feedback.

Speaking of player feedback, this feedback was a contributing factor (along with certain items in the game’s economy fluctuating outside of expected values) for Loyalty program changes. Popular cosmetic items, companions, and the Sloth Glider will now be available via the Loyalty System as well as the traditional supply crates. Mounts and gliders will be reevaluated to ensure the top tiers mounts retain their value. Entry barriers to popular farming spots will be lowered as well.

Quality of life for players, overall game integrity and fairness, and the upcoming addition of the PvP zone Diamond Shores all get teased in the Producer’s Letter, even if specific details or dates aren’t given.

The player feedback in the post’s replies are mixed, but here’s to hoping Trion Worlds stays firm on the commitments they are laying out.

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  1. Trion is run by a bunch of monkeys. They need new leadership plain and simple. Honest and credible devs and a new CEO would be nice. Rift and Archeage have caused thousands of former players to hate this company.

  2. I have bought 150 dolar pack for early start. So i can get a good spot for my house and farm. Just like everybody thinks… And guess what? I couldnt even find a single free spot. Just like many people couldnt… I hate Trion because they are tricky. For example, 80,000 people bought a pack to start earlier right? But they only make 3 server (for example) with 10.000 capacity for each. So just because of this dumbass decision i hate every letter of T R I O N. Im not even talking about how pay to win this is and how lame server connections or how lame supports. Archeage is the biggest money trap of this century of MMO games.

  3. Useless dungeons, very boring plain walls in any games dungeon, look so crap, you siting everyday in chat to find party to do dungeon runs but you rarely find someone afrter weeks of LFG and LFM.. game crowded with overpowered archers, rarely someone playing tanks or healers, mages are minority also, im not faking peasant, i not grom carrots and not doing super boring repetetive dailies and trade runs, i love rpg games not the craps like farmville and settlers online, + bugs, devs not bring anything new, not fixing alkpha bugs even, crowds of rushit scammers and cheaters, and u cant change server, servers not named like DE, ENG, most of them full of poor beggars and scammers from poor countries, i not play with criminals.

  4. The prob with Archeage is that when you go to LvL cap there is nothing to do any more….
    – If you pay the game:
    You can farm for trade runs and crafting, (crafting: to expancive to make mony and have fun)
    You can have houses and farms with 5000 labor cap (pff nice after a month you dont know how to spent labor)
    – General:
    Only 1 Dungeon to do that all bosses is buged and have no fun
    1 raid that i have nothig to say about it!!

  5. Players are getting smarter to money grabbing, broken promises and voting with their feet and wallets and moving onto better games.

  6. I love the fact they say they will make changes according to feedback, there’s so little they can do as publishers. Trion for a f2p company had a fairly good rep, at least the majority of players didn’t let them get away with it, and many inc me wouldn’t trust them again.

  7. I lost my faith in tiron, I don’t trust them to fix the game anymore. If they do end up fixing it I don’t know if I would even go back. I don’t even play much of anything lately since it seems like we are getting screwed over with a lot of games these days. I hope things change because how things are going its killing a lot of mmos that are good games just not ran right jsut to get the cash grabs. If anything I will just play GW2 FFxiv and ESO when they do the b2p transfer since I already have the game.


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