Get your bundle of fluff collecting hat on because ArcheAge has introduced three new critter types for players to collect. Of course, they’re gonna cost you some credits, but we’re pretty sure you assumed that by now. Right?

The first furry addition is the Crater Cub — which is a potential crate drop. The crate costs 450 Credits. There’s also an Ebonfur Cub available to Legacy players for 625 loyalty.

Next up is the War Tiger mount. This mount comes in three colours, with each including a helm, saddle, and leg guards. Only two of the three variations are available on both Legacy and Fresh start servers: Rajani and Shayeera. They run 2,500 Credits each. Both of these may also be obtained on Legacy for 625 Loyalty.

Finally, there’s also a Celestial Kitsu mount to collect. It’s a permanent addition to the Golden Token Store and will run players 2 Golden Tokens. Full details on each of the critters stats — as well as a list of what other things are available in the Cub Crates — are available on the ArcheAge site.

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    • games like these are already dead but the few remaining p2w cash cows are so brain dead that they either dont know or care that there aren’t many online so they keep wasting money on it

  1. They aren’t exactly new, though. Previously released pets/mounts that were removed and then put back on the market, but I suppose they are new to players who weren’t around on their first releases.

    Brings back some memories, though. Celestial Kitsu was my first shop mount however many years ago.


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