Players of ArcheAge (and its non-F2P counterpart, ArcheAge: Unchained) will be able to set foot in the game’s next dungeon, the Ipnysh Sanctuary, on Aug. 13. The dungeon requires players to complete the storyline from the Garden of the Gods expansion, after which they’ll travel to Aegis island and take on what appear to be sufficiently godlike enemies.

For their efforts, noble adventurers will be able to craft the new Immortal Warden gear, which adds various effects to players’ skills. That’s nice, but if it could add to players’ skill, well, then it would be the best armor found in any MMORPG!

If you’re looking for something more relaxing, you can partake of second season of the Mistsong Banquet, which offers a slew of new quests and rewards. The new Gods’ Authorities feature will let players grant skills and buffs to their allies in PvP zones, and there are a number of tweaks and balance changes on tap too, notably to the Vitalism and Swiftblade skill sets.

The Ipnysh Sanctuary update will be free to ArcheAge players who purchased the Garden of the Gods expansion. Learn more about the update on the Gamigo press site.

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