On December 10th, Trion Worlds and XLGames will unleash the 3.0 expansion, Revelation, on the ArcheAge servers and, you guessed it, just like every company says, Revelation will be the biggest update ArcheAge has ever had to date.

Players will be able to play as two new races, the Dwarves and the Warborn (which look like beefier versions of TERA’s Castanic race to me). These races come complete with new animations, skills, and new empowered forms that they can change into when things get dicey. Revelation also adds 5 new zones to the world, introduces a new “Fresh Start” server to both the NA and European server lists, and plenty of new land for players to claim.

Those of you already at endgame can start to tackle the challenges of ArcheAge’s new Alternate Experience System. Do you have one of your ten skill trees at max level? If so, you can take on a series of quests that culminate in you gaining access to Abyssal Skills, the most powerful abilities available.

If that isn’t enough for ArcheAge fans, check out the expansion’s official site to see the massive list of new items, mounts, content, and more in store for adventurers come December 10th.

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  1. Played this game since it began stopped several times. Payed for the 150 dollar pack to be is alpha. This is one of the best mmos I have ever played hands down . This company has ruined it became pay to win. Oh and the grind is beyond real you have to make this game your life to be good at it that being said if your a working adult you will never be able to keep up.

    • Agreed. From all the MMO’s I’ve played I say this is one of the best MMOs I’ve played and even seen I even thought archeage could of rivaled world of warcraft. But the only reason why I stopped playing it was because the company ruined archeage. And it’s 100% true what you said if your a working adult who want’s to get a better job or even a college degree you will never be able to keep up on this game. But if you can somehow keep up I don’t think it will be possible for you to get a good job since all your money would be going to this game since they became a paid 2 win game and selling 150 dollar packs like you mentioned. It’s also one of the other reasons why I quit I need to save money.

    • Sad but true. This game would be so much better off if they had a publisher that didn’t have as much greed as trion worlds has. They even did some messed up things with archeage I bet the only reason why the developer hasn’t pulled out yet is because trion is making them alot of money or they got some type of contract otherwise I think XL games developers should find a different developer one that knows how to manage a game without getting money greedy.

    • Sorry I mean the XL games developers should find a different publisher not developer. But I highly doubt that will happen due to the amount of money trion is making them with the greed they got which is why I quit archeage otherwise I would subscribe with a pateron.

      • Its very common for eastern developers to have games published in the west with the very same monetization systems they use in the east. This means very cash shop heavy and very p2w. This is completely normal for eastern MMOs, and the general mindset in, say, Korea is that it’s not a big deal to regularly spend money in your MMO of choice. Much of what people call “Trion’s greed” is actually XL Games simply not caring about catering to a western audience. Trion has made many terrible decisions with how they run ArcheAge’s western servers, but they have absolutely no say in how the game itself works, and very, very little say in how the game is monetized/what goes in the cash shop.
        Overall, to most eastern developers, it’s just not worth the time and money required to completely revamp their games to fit in the western market. At most you will just get a Black Desert style ‘bait & switch’ type deal, where they pretend to care about the western market and then slowly let the game fall back in line with it’s eastern counterpart. The reality is that plenty of people in the west spend a ton of money on these localized Asian MMOs, so there is really no reason for them to put more effort into the localization when they only port them to the west to make some easy cash when their eastern population starts waning.

        I’m not saying that Trion doesn’t deserve the hate they get nowadays, they have made some very questionable decisions with their own games, but they have literally nothing to do with how p2w ArcheAge is, they don’t even have the power to change what goes in the cash shop. If they DID have more control, there’s really no saying they would change much, though.. the way it works now, it still makes money.

        • On a more positive note, I am still excited for this update (especially for the fresh start server), and I am still going to play ArcheAge when the update releases. Despite it’s massive flaws, ArcheAge has, hands down, given me the best experiences out of any MMO I’ve ever played. Of course I’ll get sick of it after a couple months and quit again, but I’ll take a couple months of free nostalgia and fun lol.

        • Very common for Eastern MMO’s? The only real P2W publishers are mostly based in China, the majority of P2W is only in the West. Mainly American companies are the ones that grab most money with micro transactions (Gpotato, EA, Aeria Games… these are all American founded and based). You should do your research better mate, cause you’re kind of talking out of your ass.

          • I have done my research and, as I said, it is very common for Eastern MMOs to have cash shop heavy, VERY RNG-based, p2w styles of monetization. That’s simply how most MMOs work in Korea, Japan, China etc. countries where it’s NORMAL to buy weapons and gear in cash shops, to buy RNG boxes with less than a 1% chance if dropping their advertised items, and its completely accepted that someone who spends money will be more powerful (hence why eastern games have such a reputation for supposedly being “p2w trash” in the west).

            Sorry I don’t ignorantly follow the typical “blah blah blah EA Games is evil” hive mind. Also, just for reference, Gpotato was founded in Japan, and it’s EU/NA subsidiaries don’t even exist anymore. Like, honestly, you’re sitting here telling me I’M talking out of my ass when you haven’t even looked at how the Korean version of ArcheAge is… have you seen it? It’s the EXACT same game, with the EXACT same monetization as we have here, and that’s how the game is monetized here because XL Games said it has to be that way, not because Trion is a ‘big evil American company’.

            This whole whining about evil American companies taking our money thing is just some ignorant, hive mind bull*** spouted by kids who are so lazy and entitled they have no sense of responsibility, and they think they should be handed all of their entertainment for free. It’s both sad and hilarious that so many people these days are legitimately upset that they don’t get everything for free.

          • Big corperations in america are evil lol. They are even trying to move to mexico to guarentee they won’t lose profits they are greedy as fk.

        • I got tired of paying money for micro transactions I rather pay for subscription costs since it’s less money out of my pocket. If XL games and trions worlds wasn’t so pathetic I would actually buy a subscription of pateron I think it’s worth it but not with the greed the publisher/developer has and the BS rules like banning the use of blockades.

          • Hey man, just play what’s fun for you and pay for what you, personally, find valuable. It’s as simple as that. These companies aren’t taking anything away from you, they aren’t stealing from you.. They give the vast majority of their products/services away for free, and offer multiple avenues of payment for the rest. Meanwhile, we’ve built up this false expectation that ‘just because so much of it is given to us for free, we deserve the rest of it for free, too’. The only thing that is “greedy” and “pathetic” is the fact that so many people expect to be given everything for free, and aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own entertainment. I get where you’re coming from, and I agree that a steady, clearly-defined payment model is, of course, easier to deal with and much better for the overall player experience, but, in the end, you put your time/money into the things you find enjoyable/valuable, and if the cost of something is higher than you, personally, value it, ignore it and move on.
            On a side note, I do agree that limiting rules, such as the blockade ban in ArcheAge hurt the overall experience, but, to be fair, Trion fought that issue and ended up losing players because of it. You can’t fault them too much when the majority of their playerbase was constantly complaining about it.

          • I never said I expected it to be completely free. I know the publisher and devs need to make money somehow so they can pay for their house and food and bills and ect. But I feel free 2 play games aren’t worth it they just spam advertisements in your face and tempt you to buy and spend stuff it’s partly why I’m annoyed with games like archeage. Some people got self control and some don’t and in this game I do got self control but the time I use isn’t spent well and my money can go on better things then crap MMO’s. And I do blame trion and XL games for the crap experiences archeage has and they most likely lost me as a player. I think they should of made archeage buy 2 play but that’s just my opinion.

        • Squeezytime. You sir, are a fecking idiot. Acting all high and mighty, assuming I’m thinking with a “big evil American companies” hive mind. I’ve lived in both Asia and America enough to see the differences in both MMO markets (Yes, I’ve played quite a few during my stay in both places).

          You are clearly talking out of your ass. Because you claim that Archeage for the Western market is a 1 on 1 copy of the Korean market Archeage. And you call me ignorant? The Western market isn’t like the Asian market, therefore changes are made to make it more appealing for the Western market. Archeage in Asia isnt’t anything like the US/EU Archeage (I know, cause I’ve played both), so stop talking sh!t and act like you are so knowledgeable.

          Big bad American companies Hive mind? Go hit yourself in the face, you American hick. Whenever a company (be it an Asian or European one) is co-operating or taken over by an American publisher ( GPOTATO BEING THE BEST EXAMPLE, so again, stop talking sh!t and do your research better) it becomes a breeding ground for micro transactions. Gpotato was Japanese, I know. But its policy and business plan severely changed after it opened a US based sub. Primarily focussed on micro transactions and adding items to certain games that would have great influence on your playing experience (Items with stats, Exp+ items, Luck+ items for crafting), in other words: P2W.

          Now take a good look at yourself and your awful, rather bullsh!t comment, where at least 75% is complete bs and think about what kind of fool you made out of yourself by acting you know better than me.

          • So true. He’s just an idiot. And I don’t blame trion worlds entirely it’s also the devs fault since they got full say over what goes on with the game. Trion worlds is just publishing it for them and don’t got much say. But trion worlds is still a greedy idiot company they have made idiot mistakes and implemented idiotic moves so they would be the people to blame. Like selling a hot tub for $100 dollars irl and only the home owner can get the buffs it felt like a scam.

          • It’s also why I’ve considered quitting MMO’s I been getting tired of the BS that goes on in the MMO community.

  2. This is real cool. I’d join but due to the past updates archeage had I’ve quit the game but this update and the game is real cool no doubt but the publisher makes me doubt if I should play the game or not.


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