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Already purchased an early access package for Armored Warfare? Want to spend more money before the game launches? Don’t worry, they’ll let you! I know, amazing, isn’t it? and Obsidian Entertainment have announced the release of three Collector’s Editions for Armored Warfare, letting tankers get even more of a jump on the battlefield competition. The CEs come in three bundles, names Typhoon, Lightning, and Emperor.

The Typhoon and Lightning bundles each cost $39.99 and give an exclusive tank, an achievement related to that tank, 60 days of premium account time, 3 million credits, 3,250 gold, and +25% XP and credits for one week. The Emperor Bundle goes for $74.99 and gives both tanks and their corresponding achievements, as well as three more premium tanks, and double the currency and bonus XP/credits time.

OK, we kidded a little bit in the opening, but at least Armored Warfare is now in worldwide open beta, so you can now check out the game for yourself ahead of making a purchase. That’s better than an early access package, it would seem, which ask you to spend money on faith and promises. And unicorns.

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  1. NopnopanNOP on October 9, 2015

    I tested this game and its NOOO different than world of tanks. So I guess its back to Fail thunder…. :(.

  2. Phaedros on October 8, 2015


  3. ilia mesen on October 8, 2015

    This game SUCK!