What’s an Armored Fighting Vehicle? Well, it’s a vehicle that’s armored and fights. What more is there to know?

OK, there’s a bit more to it than that, and My.com lays it all out with its latest dev diary for Armored Warfare. AFVs aren’t clearly defined in real life, the blog states, so My.com has designated them as “generally speaking, the lightest vehicles of Armored Warfare with their weight rarely exceeding 20 tons.” They’re the least-heavily armored vehicles in the game, but they make up for that with outstanding agility and speed.

There are two general classifications of AFVs, light and heavy, and they all have the Designate Target special ability, which “marks” a target so that it can’t disappear from view and allies deal extra damage to it. In fact, spotting is the primary purpose of an AFV, risky though it can be at times. Fortunately, the wheel control overhaul coming in Update 0.22 will “make especially the lightest wheeled vehicles much easier to control.” Now, if I can just get my dad to lend me the keys …

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  1. They artificially gimped the mobility, shot accuracy, and reload speed of the main battle tanks to shoehorn these lightly armored pieces of crap into the game, and they’re still underpowered AF.


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