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About the game:
Title: Armored Warfare
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Obsidian

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play multiplayer tank combat simulator from Obsidian. Players have a wide variety of tanks, maps, and game modes to challenge their skills against others. Unlike previous tank-based games, Armored Warfare draws from modern-day vehicles, such as the American M1 Abrams and the Soviet T-80.

Armored Warfare allows players to take part in both PvE scenarios and PvP battles that mix the usual eliminate opponents deathmatches and objective-based co-op and multiplayer modes. Players will take control of their own personal military arsenal and must maintain and upgrade their army. Forging relationships with corporations, contractors, and non-government suppliers allows upgrades to existing tanks along with access to new, more powerful machines and munitions.

Explosive Features:

  • Various Game Modes
  • Modern Tanks
  • RPG Elements

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System Requirements

Armored Warfare Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10 GHz, ~ 3.1 GHz or equivalent
Memory Ram: 4GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 30GB of free Space
Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 275

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  1. I started playing World of Tanks many years ago, when one had to be invited to play during the closed beta era. It was a fun game, very different from the other games out there, at least the ones that I was familiar with. I enjoyed grinding a new tank, earning upgrades, leveling up, and all the other little things that the game had going for it. The graphics and such seemed to be on par with everything else that was out there, so I had no problem with that. It was touted as a free-to-play game, but, of course, that wasn’t true. As I remember, you started out with some garage slots and the first tanks were free. However, in order to aquire more tanks and move up in tiers, you had to purchase slots, or garage space, for each additional tank, and you had to use real money. You could not purchase a garage slot with in-game currency, for example. So, from the get-go, you were invested in the game, both from a time standpoint, and real money. For myself, although it has been a very long time since I played WoT, to date I have probably invested around $500-$600 in the game, mostly for garage slots and Premium Time. So, for a free to play game, WoT managed to get me to pony up bucks. And, to be honest, I didn’t mind at the time. I was having fun, the community hadn’t turned toxic yet, and the devs hadn’t damaged the game to the point where I wouldn’t play anymore. That was all to come later.

    As time went on, I managed to crawl up the tiers and trick out a lot of tanks with all the avaliable upgrades and such. I was up to nearly 15,000 games, and it was around this time that I was beginning to pay attention to what the developers (hereafter referred to as devs) were doing to the game. The first thing I noticed was that the community was beginning to degrade into a bunch of whiners and complainers. Every game lost was everyone elses’ fault, that guy wasn’t moving fast enough or didn’t support me enough, or that other tank was afk. The devs did do the right thing, in my opinion, by finally adding the option to disable all chat entirely, but only after the community had complained on the forums for a very long time. I was fine with it. I turned off chat and never turned it on again, and had a number of pleasant games.

    Unfortunately, the pleasant games didn’t last. The devs, unable to leave well enough alone, started down the path of failure by listening to the whiners at the expense of the silent majority. The whiners complained about how unfair the arty was, so they practically destroyed that mode of play by using their ridiculous RNG algorithm, which, in essence, replaced skill with a dice roll. As I understand it, the RNG extends to all the tanks. I have shot point blank at a close tank and missed, and I could remember when it didn’t use to be like that. This was particularly irritating to me as the arty was my favorite mode of play. Then the whiners complained about people leaving the game early and, even though I had never detected any difference in play, the devs instituted a warning system. I realized this one time when I was disconnected (a rather common occurance with wot) and, upon re-logging into the game, was greeted with a warning about leaving a game early. I get why they wouldn’t want a player to leave early, but I was dc’d. Seriously, the server can’t detect the difference? But what really got my goat was when I was issued a warning for not moving fast enough. So now my playstyle is being called into question. This was the deal-breaker for me. Time to check out the competition.

    Around this time, Armored Warfare was entering the picture as another tank game and I decided to give it a try. And try I did. I downloaded the game and have been playing it to the complete exclusion of WoT. It is a great game, super graphics, nice sound, and lots of things to keep the interest up. You can play pvp, pve, or, recently, Global Ops. My favorite mode of play is PvE, and I have a few thousand games there as well. This game is truly a free to play game, as one does not have to buy garage slots for newly aquired tanks and all tanks, along with upgrades, can be earned with in-game credits. To date, I have not spent any real money on this game. I liked it well enough; I was just waiting for it to become more stable before investing. Crashes to the desktop were too frequent for now. But I assumed the devs would square away that issue soon enough, so I wasn’t worried. But all good things must come to an end, and so it seems that this is the case with AW.

    While playing an spg in Armored Warfare, I was hiding behind a rock waiting for a shot. I wasn’t moving. Sixty seconds later (I timed it with a stopwatch) I was greeted with a warning, telling me that if I didn’t change my behavior, I would be kicked. In other words, if I didn’t move. I am in an spg, the sniper of the team, waiting for a shot, and I am told I have to move? Unbelievable. The devs just took a page out of the WoT playbook on how to insult a loyal player. I don’t think that I am overreacting to say that I was insulted. To be treated as though I were AFK when I wasn’t is not going to fly with me. If I am in front of my monitor with my hand on the mouse, I am in the game. Often, I will sit and take a minute or so to assess the situation. I’ve never entered a game and deliberately left, but now, according to this new rule, I am not allowed to sit still for a minute. I am both angered and saddened by this turn of events. I get what they are trying to accomplish, but I don’t agree with how they are implementing it.

    The bottom line is this. I am an adult, playing a game by choice, using my own time and money. I am not in the mood to be treated like a child and given unwarranted warnings as though I was late to class and have to go to detention. Warranted warnings, ok. I would accept a legit warning. But warning me to move and kicking me if I don’t move fast enough? Banning me for an hour or so if I accidentally drown or go off a cliff? Sorry, but that is a deal-breaker for me. Personally, I feel that team-killing should be the real bannable offense, with everything else second or third place. When we are talking about a PvE game (and that is the game I am referring to as I don’t play PvP) that only lasts ten minutes or so, is there really an AFK problem? After the thousands of PvE games that I have played, I am going to say no.

    In conclusion, I am going to assume a wait-and-see attitude to this game. I want to see how the community reacts to these latest changes and whether or not they will accept them. They are deal-breakers for me, but may not be for others. For all the rest who may not be bothered by these latest rules thrown at the player base, good for you. However, I hope that the devs realize that doing what WoT did is not the way to go. These were the reasons I left WoT in the first place, and I am certainly not going to remain here if they insist on doing the same things.

    To the gaming community, I wish you well and many good games. To the devs, please look at what WoT has done in the past, and then do the complete opposite! There are too many other games out there for you to insult legitimate players.

    • Why not try War thunder? It is free entirely, has tanks, planes and soon warships in 1 client, it has mods that can be downloaded from within like Steam workshop, you can have custom skins which take just 1 press of a button to get and apply and best of all there are no warnings to the game play of your choice. the best part that I like about it is the ability to get with 3 tanks in 1 game. So if you go boom once, 2 more shots to go. Having both planes and tanks on 1 map, having multiple choices between arcade, realistic and between. Garage slots I never had problems with.

      On another note I must agree with you on what you said about WOT and AW. Great games that felt the need to listen to the wrong speakers and felt a greater need to dig their own holes. Ofc they are still alive, but no longer enjoyable from my point of view.

      If I were to say, a player that has thousands of hours in all 3 tank games, so far WT is the best by far in all categories. What WOT promised (night battles, planes and tanks in 1 map) WT delivered without mentioning them. But if you want Naval combat then World of Warships is the game. Want Plane combat? again WT is the game. Who knows, maybe WT will make naval combat right and steal the crown in that genre. Their addition of both WW2 and modern tanks had made a huge impact in my soul and made me love them. If needed don’t take my word. Try it yourself with an open mind and compare. Which is better and which offers you more for your time and bucks.

  2. Game is strongly based on WoT, without some P2W elements such as gold ammo…unlike Wargaming(WoT) and Gaijin(WT) game gives away much more to players in form of events where you can get a big amount of non-premium/premium currency. Only problem is that the number of active players is much lesser than in other two games….Since you need 30 guys in tanks of aproximately same tiers, you can wait for several minutes. On the other hand game has pretty well working PvE which has almost no queue time.

  3. just from the video above it looks like a sad atempt at WoT or WT. WT is known for the air-borne combat, WoT is well, no need to explain that. i mean, at least WT decided to have a diferent name for their prem currency. here they call it “Gold” iml, RLY??!, i have 2 accounts for WoT, one of them has its WR shot to hell bc it was from my noob days. and my new account that im seal clubbing on BC now i have skill. they litteraly took WoT and WT, J1mB0s XVM mod for WoT, smashed them together, then added a bunch of bugs that make up 15/20 Gbs of the total file so that they can claim to make the game better when they had mearly deleted some files or renamed them so the client can read them. also, rly the tracers, they are so unrealistic, for goodnes sake WWii airplane brawling videos are more realistic. they arnt big blobs of glowing energy flying at you. they are a tiny HIGH velocity point of light thats about to decapitate you.

    plus, some of the tanks look like they took the turret from a Lowe and welded it onto a Challenger. not cool. also, scroll up and you will notice that tracks on tanks dont sag over the drive wheels like in WoT AND IRL.

    anyways, see you on the WOT battlefield,

  4. Armored Warfare is a decent enough game. Sure, it’s a WoT clone with modern AFVs, at least you’ll have no trouble figuring out how to play the game if you’re used to WoT.

    The real issue lies in the fact that hardly anyone else is playing this game. Want to play 15 vs 15 PvP? Forget it if you’re on the North American server, and prepare for some queing if you’re on the EU server. It does have a nice PvE mode though.

  5. Looks like there’s a few in here that are either WG employees trying to turn people of this great game, Or they’re just upset that they can’t use Warpack or any other mods like in WoT. lol.
    I’m really enjoying the game. Almost always platoon up with clan mates & have fun, But one of the best things I like about this game is that there’s no mods allowed. Everybody is playing on their merits, not using mods to help them because of their lack of skill.
    You either like the game or you don’t. You don’t need to bag it out because you don’t like it, It’s FTP, So what did you lose? You don’t like it? Then just move on..

  6. Looks like there’s a few in here that are either WG employees trying to turn people of this great game, Or they’re just upset that they can’t use Warpack or any other mods like in WoT. lol.
    I’m really enjoying the game. Almost always platoon up with clan mates & have fun, But one of the best things I like about this game is that there’s no mods allowed. Everybody is playing on their merits, not using mods to help them because of their lack of skill.
    You either like the game or you don’t. You don’t need to bag it out because you don’t like it, It’s FTP, So what did you lose? You don’t like it? Then just move on.

    • you must be bad at WOT lol. AW is a rip off, looks much better but messes everything else up. 2 minutes for waiting to get into a match in a STARTER tank is just ridiculous. Wonderful game for wasting space on a hard drive. 10/10 would install again

      • Well Zip, there are a few problems with what you said. A) AW is not a ripoff of WoT, it has things in common, but it isn’t doing what War Thunder tried to do which is repackage the exact same game eg: using older tanks n everything too just under a new name.

        B) AW is a sleeker version , the tanks are not from the same era, the selection is different.Its much faster paced.There are many people who play WoT, but are not happy with the slow pace of the game for example if you’re a TD player, but want to play a faster paced game.AW is the answer in that case.

        They are both Tank MMOS with similar points but AW is by no means a ripoff.

        • What!? So if a game is using the same tanks it’s basically the same game, and if they’re using different tanks it’s different!?

          WarThunder might be using many of the same tanks as WoT, but it’s a completely different game with completely different physics. AW on the other hand is basically WoT 2.0 with more modern tanks. Everything is familiar if you’re used to WoT, which is basically what they developed Armored Warfare to be in the first place.

        • you post to often for a normal user. a user that does not like the game would leave just a comment and leave the game.. instead you try to go further as demotizing this game.
          wile i for one cant stand wot as it still has flaws witch it had in alpha. no not from hearing people say.. i am a alpha tester of WoT and WT and AW. WoT was fun till better games came out. sutch as AW.. wel actualy WoT is the worst in my eye’s. and your free to have your own opinnion. just dont try to force it on others like you do.

    • No but it’s not worth the memory for it. the gameplay isnt great, had a few times where my shells would explode in mid air (seems great that an AP round can’t even penetrate the air we breath) the physics are just awful for bouncing, the shell speeds are just laughable (i have pellet guns that have higher FPS) but the game looks really good!

  7. A.W. is a complete ripoff of world of tanks. They stole the idea. They stole the gui. They gave us the same game to try to divert cash flow from wot to themselves. They are a dishonest company they offered beta testing in the beginning then when I downloaded the massive 20gb game which is 10 times bigger than wot yet same graphics, then I get a screen telling me I have to pay to Bet test? I have to pay to play an incomplete game? So they can review what I do and make it better for everyone else? They are dishonest as I bait and switch, they are dishonest for thinking they could copy wot and try to get rich quick. ! Don’t waste your time downloading this crap save the time and data download a 2gb game which is exactly the same but it’s call world of tanks. We know they are honest and wtf 20gb lmao

    • Dude you are saying it’s the same game while you haven’t even played the game. how good of a review is that?

      I can tell you it’s very different from World of Tanks, for starter it’s not WWi/Korean war era tanks, but rather it starts from the end of WoT chronological end and goes into modern tanks, also it utilizes smoke granades, missiles and many more electronic warfare toys that were invented post WW2, it also has a co-op pve missions that you can play instead of the single mode of pvp grind. it also have personal base building with each building providing you with different boosters so not every player is identical to the others and you can’t time people’s reload or tank speed like WoT, it’s pretty much a smarter game.

        • Hello James,

          the game is currently in the beta phase.I’d estimate at the latest, this summer at the latest for it to be complete.However the game as it stands is pretty solid.There are some minor issues i think are bad for PR , for example the ”starter” edition and full edition issue, the in game mechanics are similar to WoT , however anyone who claims the game is a clone of WoT don’t really know what they are talking about.Since WoT did perfect many of the details of the Tank MMO games, AW did take parts that seem like copies from the game.However they are not doing what War thunder did and try and copy paste WoT while trying to be competition for wargaming.AW has small things about the game that gives it an appeal that WT and WoT don’t have.They are using modern day vehicles, the visuals are better than WoT.The easiest way to describe where the game is atm is its a more refined,sleaker, faster paced version of WoT. I think the maps are better etc etc.

          However TL:DR , should be complete by the summer.If i get any information i’ll post here.

    • haha wot fan boy you didnt have to play to play u could wait till open beta u payed for a title and prem tanks and got beta access for supporting the game as far as being a rip off of world of shit tanks hardly think so none prem in wots is shit no cred or xp worth shit even with a win in aw u dont need prem and still get a good cred and xp for wining wots dev are greedy bastards and you think they are fair u sir should remove ure head from wots devs asses

    • WoT is about 23 Gb after the updates. or at least that was how much free space I have after the uninstall after I got really fed up with those assholes.

  8. This game is a complete WOT ripoff, the GUI is exactly the same as WOT they even put the tanks in hangars which are exactly like WOT , they are hoping to cash in on WOT customers they even ripoff the beta testers
    ! I signed up to be a beta tester was told I would get to keep a few special items once open to the public. finally got a chance to download the GIGANTIC 20GB game only to be redirected to
    where they try to charge me money to be a beta tester?
    REALLY ? I need to pay you to test it out and tell you where the bugs are!!!
    I suggest to everyone forget this game unless you are ready to charge that credit card to the max!
    And if you are ready to do that go to a more light weight game World of Tanks! It has been around for a while and we know the company is honest! They might charge a bit to but they don’t deceive you. This company is shady right out the gate and the 20GB of data is absolutely ridiculous for the same graphics. Poor programming leads to poor performance. This game is not worth the time or your money

  9. looking forward to something better than wot. used to love it but got so fed up with the nerfs and shells going to the edge of the reticle far too much

  10. so how do you download the game, or is it up and running yet. im ready to move on to a new tank game ,cause W.O.T. is going to hell with all the new changes. letting all noobs get the better of you when you know that your tank is alot better than the noobs. W.O.T. makes you miss like 4 times in a row before getting a hit when you have earn your 4 crew skills to make your tank run better. But then a noob comes in a kills you with a 1 shot, thats B.S. so im ready to move on. need to know how to download Armored Warfare. Thanks

  11. i have done everything to get this game and nothing has been working i also hoping i can get this game cause i have tried mmo island and other forums like this and downloading it from steam didn’t even work to plz help mmo bomb community help

  12. really wish I could gain access to this, game. I would really appreciate some competition to world of tanks, not sure how much longer I cant wait 😉


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