The Apocalypse continues in Armored Warfare, which is bad news for anyone trying to live through the catastrophe — but good news for players looking for a different kind of challenge.

The second major update of the season, Update 0.35, adds a new special operation, simply titled “War.” This takes you to the flooded Panama Canal zone as you look to secure “one of the last tankers in existence.”

There’s also a new contract mission in this update that can net you the Russian T-90A Burlak Tier 8 Premium MBT, which combines the T-90A hull with an experimental turret. This includes a unique twin-feed ammo rack that makes it so firing doesn’t interrupt the reload process.

Additionally, the T-72A Tier 5 MBT and its variants have a new vehicle model, giving it an updated turret, and high-Tier HE and HEAT-MP shells have seen some changes to splash damage and penetration mechanics.

Learn more about everything included in Update 0.35 on the Armored Warfare site.

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