One thing that “military vehicle” games like World of Tanks and War Thunder seem to be lacking is any kind of suitable PvE mode outside of tutorials. Obsidian Entertainment is looking to change that with Armored Warfare, introducing PvE missions that don’t just exist for the sake of practice but might be pretty entertaining even for veteran players.

As revealed on the Armored Warfare forums, the game’s PvE missions will take about 20 minutes, have three difficulty levels, and offer multiple objectives: capture, destroy, escape, defend, and survival. The most impressive claim is that enemy AI, as well as positioning, will vary from fight to fight. That should do wonders for the modes repeatability and keep it fresh and interesting. Also spicing things up: “the squad may face superior enemy forces or even a mini boss — an especially powerful battle unit that it is virtually impossible to destroy alone.”

The only thing we’re a little sad to hear is that there’s no respawning, which means that if you get knocked out early, the best you can do is watch — or, in a PUG, you’ll probably just leave. Hopefully, that won’t lead to much toxic behavior when someone is perceived as doing something “stupid,” but we probably shouldn’t hold our breath on that count.

What do you think of Armored Warfare’s PvE reveal?


  1. Cool annother World of Tanks clone, instead of someone actually making something about Naval combat already… sigh rage

  2. The Ground Forces is still a bit new to have any of the PvE elements that planes do in War Thunder. Seeing as how the planes part has quite a nice amount of PvE missions it goes to reason once its more fleshed out the tanks will get their own.

  3. War Thunder has pve campaigns. They take after after single player game missions and not the reward-focused grindathon “missions” of most online games but they are still pve.

  4. I think it’s a good thing when your not feeling up to PvP you can head over to some PvE and have fun. At the same time I feel having only one life could add to people being really rude – but we will have to wait and see.

      • Then that must be an about-face. It pretty explicitly says in the forum post that that’s not the case:

        “If the player’s vehicle is destroyed, they will switch to observer mode until the end of that stage of the mission. In other words, players won’t respawn on the same map they were destroyed on.”


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