Armored Warfare Lords of War

A new competitive game mode is on its way to Armored Warfare, giving tankers the chance to advance through several tiers of progression in fixed-length seasons while earning rewards along the way.

In “Lords of War,” the objective is to win consecutive PvP matches in different Conflict Zones throughout the world, each of which might have its own restrictions, such as not allowing more than two vehicles of a particular class. You’ll be matched against teams with similar win streaks until you lose and start over against zero-win-streak teams. You can form your own team for competition or, as a solo player, queue up to find teams that are short on players.

As you perform, you’ll accumulate Prestige. As you accumulate Prestige, you’ll advance your standing through five rankings, each with 10 levels. Details about the season length and rewards will be revealed in a later dev blog. For now, you can read up on Lords of War on the Armored Warfare site.

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