The Armored Warfare team’s been busy lately. The game’s newest map is the largest ever in Armored Warfare, and there are plenty of exciting features on the way.

Frontline is a huge, 1400m x 1400m semi-apocalyptic map, set in a singed forested area with the ruins of civilization dotting the landscape. Billed as a “wide open map suitable for long-range engagements,” you’ll need to make wise use of the scant cover and approach your foes carefully so as not to expose yourself.

Senior Producer Josh Morris gave the community an update in his most recent Developer Digest, saying that the next few updates would focus on balance, bug fixing, and additional content, with “a pretty drastic change in terms of both balance and polish” by the end of the year. Morris also tries to address player concerns with regards to “nerfing” premium vehicles and other balance changes that are made to the game.

Last week’s Developer Q&A answers more questions, and you can read all about the history of the Leopard 2AV MBT on the Armored Warfare site.



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