has partnered up with YouTuber The Mighty Jingles to release a comprehensive video on how you can expect to progress your way though their upcoming, free-to-play tank warfare game, Armored Warfare.

Earning new tanks in Armored Warfare comes by way of the “Arms Dealer,” of which there are two available in the current focus test. By spending your influence (experience) on upgrades for the vehicles you have (i.e. better armor, increased speed, etc), these Arms Dealers will gradually allow you to buy different versions of tanks you have or totally new tanks. New tanks will require certain criteria to have been met before you can purchase them. Playing 3 battles with a particular tank, do a certain amount of damage with a particular tank, and basically just playing with the vehicles you have will all gradually earn you the opportunity to buy better tanks.

Commanders and crew are treated separately and are upgraded as such. Taking these individuals into battle will cause them to gain levels and as you do, you’ll receive skill points that you can distribute to make them more efficient at the role you assign them to come battle time.

In the current focus test, things like matchmaking and the occasional physics discrepancy are still being worked on so you’ll notice the video does have some tier 1 tanks running up against tier 5 tanks in some matches. Look for those issues to get resolved as launch approaches.

Check out the video and if you want to sign up for the Alpha test, pay the Armored Warfare website a visit.

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  1. Looks like they’re doing a good job with it. I’ll probably check this one out when its available via open beta or launch. I like the mention of PVE just to switch up options a bit; adds to playable value.


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