Skyforge might be the Entertainment game getting all the headlines these days, but they don’t want you forgetting about Armored Warfare, as today’s dev blog dives into the logic behind the tank battler’s matchmaking system.

Each tank from tier 1-8 has a point value assigned to it, which is modified slightly for additional equipment on the tank. For the most part, tanks are assigned to battles within 10% of the “seed” tank chosen to start the battle seeding. If you’re in a platoon — a group with another friend — the highest-rated tank in the platoon determines the value, and there are procedures in place to limit how great the distance between two tanks in a platoon can be. Finally, there are limits to battle group construction for vehicle type and player quality is taken into account.

There can be exceptions to the matchmaking system if a player or platoon sits in the matchmaking queue for too long, but it’s probably better to get into a slightly unbalanced match quickly than to have to wait several minutes to find a perfect match. Do you agree?


  1. So have player choose what kind of queue/match they want.
    Option 1: I hate waiting – Just like WoT/WT is currently
    Option 2: Longer wait – Attempts to balance the teams based on tank line up as well as individual rating in current tank and/or global rating.

    Default is Option 1, if player wants more “mature” which I think they mean “experienced” players then they can set to option 2 in their settings.

  2. I would not mind a slight unbalanced match, but not totally mismatch like 1 side has 4 heavy tanks while the other has 2 medium & 2 TDs.

    The way WoT matchmaker is totally crap, and I often see completely mismatch.

    I wouldn’t mind to wait for a minuet to get into a quality match that I can do something.

    Also, the light tanks matchmaking in WoT is just totally… WRONG.

    The way how WoT setup view range makes it that way which is another totally WRONG.

    I hope this game will be much better.

    • WG said it numerous times they won’t change MM so that both teams have same line ups because gameplay becomes repetitive. It’s not about having different line ups at all, it’s about players adapting to situation, but since 95% of WoT’s playerbase is incredibly horrible they blame MM for losing the matches while the truth is they are not capable of using their brains to adapt to new situations.

      After all, that’s the difference between good and bad players in WoT, that’s why good players are good with all tanks while scrubs are only good at seal clubbing with tier 1-2 tanks.

  3. quote: “it’s probably better to get into a slightly unbalanced match quickly than to have to wait several minutes to find a perfect match. Do you agree?”

    no, I do not agree

    • Agreed with you sir, that “slighty unbalanced match” comes filled with noob players and sluty trolls that make every battle an annoying circus, see ie. WoT and WT, i’d rather to wait several minutes for a mature match which i can enjoy as it should be.

      • You’ve been fooled. No amount of waiting is going to get you “a mature match” online.

        As for the waiting time, different people around the world have different expectations and demands. There’s no way for a developer to make everyone happy.

        • Matchmaking shall give both side even or very… close to even strength base on their vehicles, so that will usually take more time compare to just grab whatever available in the queue.

          Although there’s no guarantee, but allowing more time for matchmaking shall gives more evenly matched vehicles, hence more evenly matched matches.


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