Update 0.17 for Armored Warfare is now live, bringing several major changes to Obsidian Entertainment’s tank battler. There’s a new, large PvP map, Frontline, a new PvE mission, Leviathan, two new vehicles, and several quality-of-life and miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

The PvE mission Snakebite is also seeing some changes, with the goal toward making it less linear. The map space is larger and offers more options for getting to objectives, as well as having more objectives overall. Desync issues when firing have also been addressed, and changes have been made to ATGMs, making them easier to use, and to smoke grenades, increasing their charges and reducing their reload times.

You can check out the list of general changes in the blog post on the Armored Warfare site and click on the + at the bottom for the lengthy, more involved, list of changes. New flag decals for Moldova? That’s just what I was waiting for!


  1. Games alright. Just a TAD different from WoT, but about same cup of tea. Speaking of which, WoT just had an update and a special even now where everyone has a new little English tank/car thing for free, and when you launch it we are all taken to a special match. It’s an escort mission of sorts, every one is fast and furious, and jumps everywhere, and one giant tank needs “pushed” by collecting pick ups pots and defending…It’s kinda fun, good update and there is a memorial service thing that replaced teh garage now, it is like a virtual meusum and pretty cool…but all in all the regular cancer game play is still there including: Unbalanced tanks / Teams, and P2W

  2. Took ’em long enough. They went nearly two years without implementing even basic spawn checks to prevent enemies from spawning right next to (or sometimes literally on top of) you in PvE.


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