Armored Warfare t-14_arizona

Despite being given up for dead by a lot of people, Armored Warfare is still motoring along. And its developers are still answering questions from players, in the form of Q&A sessions, the third of which just went live today.

Change is in the air for a number of systems. Artillery will be removed from PvP with Update 0.19, though it might return as a support class. A tank destroyer branch is in the works, and crew and commander systems will be overhauled, with a placeholder system in place for 0.19. Meanwhile, the bane of all PvP gamers, the matchmaker, will also get some shining up in a later update, improving vehicle balance and keeping players from always being at the “bottom” of the list.

The new dev team isn’t unaware of players’ worries about the future of the game, however. “A series of articles” will appear in the future to describe what shape Armored Warfare will take after 0.19, which was likely developed in large part by the Obsidian Entertainment crew. Everything will be fiiiiine, trust us …



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