The first installment of’s new method of content updates for Armored Warfare has arrived. Season 1: Black Sea Incursion offers a series of PvE missions put you in the shoes of former merc Magnus Holter, betrayed by his employers and now branded a war criminal. There are three PvE missions to tackle, taking place across three maps in Georgia — the country, not the state.

In addition,’s added a number of other features in today’s update. The World Map has replaced the Garage as the default battle management window; there are now Contract Missions tied to specific campaigns that offer more rewards; Global Operations are available for lower-tier vehicles; commander skills, loot, and camouflage have seen some changes; and the PvE mission “Albatross” has undergone a significant revamp.

Learn more about the new campaign and all the other changes to the game on the Armored Warfare site.

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  1. i cant even make it past the second part of the second map. its tough!! >< i'm running a tier 8 leo. . . still hard. goodluck

    • Did you play alone (with random players) or with your friends? Try to play it with your team, it will be easier. And read the official forum, it can help you.


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