Webzen announced their debut trailer for Arctic Combat, a modern military online FPS game, which is being prepared for global service this year.

This newly released trailer shows in-game features such as main firearms and types of new weaponry. It also shows strategic fire support, such as ‘helicopter support’ and ‘bombardment’, and tactical assets such as flamethrowers, UAVs, and rocket launchers

Arctic Combat is based on a story of national conflict between two forces, the ‘AF’ and ‘RSA’, caused by a resource disputation in the arctic territory. The conflict between the AF, led by USA, and RSA, led by Russia, resulted in the world being divided into two. The world was headed into annihilation which could only be called as the beginning of World War III.

In Artic Combat, the optimized game engine allows low specification users to play while keeping the realistic effects a high, such as corpse damage gore mode, which makes players more immersed and think they are actually on the modern warfare battleground. Also the modern weapons and real life like maps adds to the excitement.

More information about Arctic Combat can be found at their official website http://ac.webzen.com/


  1. Arctic Combat
    Arctic Combat is a free-to-play strategy FPS developed and published by Korea-based Webzen, which had jus
    t announced to render Arctic Combat service in the United States recently.

  2. To every1 who thinks this game is new its not.this game is a couple years old now.its called Battery its been in IJJI Korea and webzen for some time now.go on youtube and look up Battle Territory Battery Gameplay.im suprised no1 has heard of this game yet.and yes it is like COD because it runs on a COD 3 engine.but this game is truly better.if you add a guy on youtube he will give you the setup file and make you a account and all u have to do is run a proxy and you can play it.ive done this once but the lag was to intensive.i need a new comp.but im glad its coming out here.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clRD5ILrnQ4

  3. Its about time a company gets the formula close to being perfect copy of CoD combat..

    No matter what people say on here, this game will have plenty of players.. Even the noobs from Hacking Arms will realize how much closer this is to CoD than Combat Arms..

  4. 2 Words : Home front

    The trailer look great, but hey another fps game that is going to be hack sooner or later, so for me there is no point of playing or even downloading it (Doesn’t hurt to comment about it).

    Take a look at Blacklight, after it’s open beta release hackers start swarming in. Also account banning them won’t stop them either; I would only look back into these kind of games if they start hardware or guid banning them, also the affiliated accounts / e-mail permanently.

    Although it would result lower revenue for the company.. -_-

    *Take note this are all my opinion, if you’re going to reply, please be kind and not flame me.

  5. once again another company brings out a run of the mill FPS, with no backbone, what is going to make this one different from the multiple FPS games out on the F2P market at this moment.

    All this is, is a fresh gate for the Hackers to attempt their hand at ruining a yet again, decent game.

    I have given up on PC shooters, and have just joined the ranks of many on console shooters.
    Atleast console shooters under specific laws placed by not only the companies in which the consoles belong but also international laws, you do not get repeat shooters or copies…they have their individualized systems.

    • I’ve havent seen an FPS like this in the F2P market actually. This is a COD clone not a CS clone as Urban Terror and such are.

  6. Man, when will innovative FPSes appear? Tell me, I really want to hear, come on, what against russians? I like’em, well all I see innovative in this game is it not using middle east as a pretext, but Artic, other than that, nothing that makes me want to play it more than DCUO or Battlefield 3, they could do an innovative FPS with a war with something different and non-similar to russians and US Marines or Army, like rebels, and not this closed room FPS, you pick up a room and go play for 15 minutes, big deal, no fun, what makes a game fun is free movement in an Huge Universe, not joining a room and bang bang with someone you don’t even know, but joining a faction, engaging with brothers in arms in huge fights, that can happen anywhere, even inside the most protected base by a traitor that deactivated the defense systems, tell me, why am I not a developer? Really because my mom won’t let me be.


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