Ascent: Infinite Realm’s monthly teaser for August is all about pets. They are, as you’d expect, “cute and loving” but are also soul-bound companions to their masters who will surely take good care of them and not use them as fodder to distract monsters while they escape. That’s not something soul-bound friends would do!

Whatever the case, a blog post on the official forums doles out a substantial helping of lore. Pets in A:IR were recently rediscovered following a long-ago cataclysm and “masters who possess pets are more efficient in all activities.” Some pets are furry or scaly while others, known as automatons, are advanced technological beings that “used the life energy from beasts and monsters,” which sounds totally safe and ethical. What could go wrong?

Unsurprisingly, something did. Once renowned for their combat capabilities, an automaton “exploded and attacked a person,” which led to their combat abilities being substantially nerfed. Now they simply enhance their masters’ capabilities and nobody would even dream of breaking the restrictions on their combat usage, right?

However, unauthorized Automatons are still being produced at secret locations and are occasionally found by chance at random unknown locations.

Don’t worry, and don’t mind the razor-sharp metallic teeth. They’re perfectly safe, I’m sure.


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