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Break Out The Feather Dusters: Eternal Return Season 2 “Battle Maids” Introduces the Housekeeper Corp.

Don’t worry. The ladies still kill. They’re just going to be doing it with class.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 2 weeks ago
ArcheAge 2 Shifting From Large-Scape PvP To Story-Driven PvE Content For Western Audience

Out here in the West, we like to play our action combat MMORPGs on consoles and by ourselves apparently.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 2 weeks ago
ArcheAge's Broom Race On Mirage Isle And Auroria Raid Recruitment Events Have Begun

Fly a broomstick and/or fight boss monsters.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 1 month ago
ArcheAge: Unchained Is Giving Up Its Life To Save ArcheAge

It’s time for a server merge.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 3 months ago
After Nearly 3 Years In Early Access, Eternal Return Takes The Survival Battle Arena To Full Launch In July

It's almost time to battle for survival in Eternal Return.

By Troy Blackburn - 4 months ago
ArcheAge’s Summer Update Goes Live, Brings Daru Transformation With It

The globa arena beta service is here as well.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 5 months ago
ArcheAge Summer Update To Introduce New Daru Transformation Skill

Also, get ready for 10v10 time wars.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 5 months ago
Earn Chess-themed Rewards As You Celebrate Marian’s Magic School Festival In ArcheAge

Learn about the magic school, potions, dark magic, and more.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 5 months ago
NCSoft Sues Kakao Games And XL Games Saying ArcheAge War "Plagiarized" Lineage 2M

Let the lawsuits begin!

By Troy Blackburn - 7 months ago
Twin Class Maegu Arrives On Black Desert Console Today

Learn to fight enemies with the Maegu’s Fox Charm.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 7 months ago
ArcheAge’s First Content Update Of The Year Is All About Fixes And Tweaks

The Spring Update will rework all kinds of things.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 8 months ago
ArcheAge Teases March Update, Introduces Two Different Ranking Systems, And Teases Global Arena Beta

Climb the Enthusiastic Achiever and Diligent Spender ranks.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 8 months ago
ArcheAge To Shut Down Twitter Account, Community Reaction Is About What You'd Expect

I'm sure this will go over well.

By Troy Blackburn - 8 months ago
PvP MMO ArcheAge War Set To Launch In South Korea, No Plans For Western Launch Date At This Time

ArcheAge war will launch on PC and Mobile.

By Troy Blackburn - 8 months ago
ArcheAge Unchained Launches New Fresh Start Server, Land Rush Begins In A Few Days

Because sometimes, you just want a chance to start over.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 9 months ago
Can You Survive Dysterra's Free Steam Weekend? It Kicks Off Tomorrow

Survival shooter Dysterra is giving players a free weekend to check out the game.

By Troy Blackburn - 9 months ago
No, “MMORPG” and “MMO” Games Are Not Dying

But those terms are probably dead...

By Luis Dobreira - 10 months ago
New ArcheAge: Unchained Fresh Start Server Will Ease Gear Progression, Tweak Boosting, And Increase Item Drop Rate

The developers stated the server will include many improvements based on community feedback.

By Anthony Jones - 10 months ago
ArcheAge Is Giving Away 10 Days Of Gifts In Celebration Of Its 10th Global Anniversary

All items must be redeemed before February 2

By Aspen Pash - 10 months ago
Eternal Return’s 8th Season Is A Slumber Party, And There Are Onesies

This may be one of the more violent slumber parties.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 10 months ago
Black Desert Online’s Latest Update Reverts The Movement Changes

It seems players were uncomfortable with the changes.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 10 months ago
ArcheAge Update Makes Some QoL Changes, Kicks Off End Of Year Boost Event

Celebrate the end of the year with double the XP, Quest Honor Points, and Vocation Badges.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 10 months ago
ArcheAge Fresh Start Begins Today For Those Of You Looking For Untouched Wilds To Explore

You still have time to wait for the infamous land rush, though.

By Michael Byrne - 11 months ago
Anthony's Black Desert Online Calpheon Ball Video Recap

Get an inside peek at the first Calpheon Ball held in the US!

By Anthony Jones - 11 months ago
Dysterra Gameplay - A Dystopian First Look (B2P)

Early access has started but with low player counts, does the game get a fair shake?

By Anthony Jones - 11 months ago
Surprising No One After The Western Shutdown, Elyon’s Even Closing In Korea

The announcement comes just days before the NA/EU closures.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 11 months ago
ArcheAge Preps For A New Fresh Start Server Complete With Special Events And Rewards

Because every once in a while, it's nice to just start over again.

By Michael Byrne - 11 months ago
Mixing Some Halo With Some Rust And Other Games, Dysterra Kicks Off Early Access Today

Hop in and start shooting now.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 1 year ago
ArcheAge II Confirms Console Version, Reworking Trade System and Allowing Guilds To Build Towns

There's even a new trailer showing off some of the development done in Unreal Engine 5.

By Michael Byrne - 1 year ago
Always Online Podcast: Kakao Games' Rough Quarter, Hotel May Sue Activision, & Should MMORPGs Invest All Content? Ep 454

Is it worth the time and money that MMORPGs put into high-end difficulty content?

By Michael Byrne - 1 year ago