During E3, Aurora Studio showed off a new mode for its battle royale, Ring of Elysium. Prior to that, they’d released a small teaser saying that the mode was different from the rest of the game’s modes in that it didn’t involve the shrinking map mechanic.

That mode is titled Ashen Eye, and it replaces that whole shrinking map thing with surviving a volcanic eruption. Players will have to contend with toxic air and somehow maintain oxygen throughout the match, or… you know… The good news is there is a safe zone with breathable air. But it does move about, so the chances of just chilling there are not good.

Ashen Eye drops players into the match in teams of three. Teams can choose where they drop in, but they won’t be able to just hide and survive on blood packs since the big deal here is that they will eventually run out of oxygen as long as they’re outside the safe zone. Once a team makes it to the safe zone, they’ll trigger the countdown for the rescue helicopter and their location will be revealed to the rest of the players on the map. The thing is, they can’t just run away, because winning requires staying inside the safe zone and maintaining as high an oxygen level as possible.

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