Ashes Of Creation Shares New Updates On Its Tank Archetype Along With Live Game Footage

Players also got a look at brand-new character art updates.

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Ashes of Creation Dev Update Intrepid StudiosMMORPG Ashes of Creation has recently shared its January 2023 Development Update via livestream. The upcoming MMORPG creates a unique experience where the world structure depends on the players' actions. Ashes of Creation is also being developed through open and transparent communication with its player base. Through these livestreams, players will see the game's growth and the changes being made, and can even submit feedback that the development team will consider.

In the first Development Update of the year, Creative Director Steven Sharif is joined by the Director of Communications, Margaret Krohn. Together the two update the community on the changes that have been made to the Tank archetype as well as share some new character art that features a mount, the Boulderstone Bulldog, new weapons, and new enemies.

Taking notes from the first Alpha and player feedback, the team has worked on hit animation reactions from NPCs, visual effects on weapon impact, and has fine-tuned mace combat. In addition, the team is also working with a new function: when a weapon is swung, the force of the blow and the wind created should affect the surrounding foliage.

Players can check out the full live stream below and watch early footage of the Tank Archetype.

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