Today’s Patch 9.01 for Fortnite gives something to all three modes of the game: Battle Royale, Creative, and even Save the World, which will totally be free-to-play someday. Probably shortly after the heat death of the universe.

Battle Royale gets a new Tactical Assault Rifle, a fully automatic weapon with a 30-round magazine that’s especially effective in close-quarters combat. Other adjustments made to this mode include a reduction in Baller health, from 200 to 150, less damage from the Drum Gun, and the removal of the Compact SMG to the Vault.

Creative Mode adds seven new themes and three new galleries for you to decorate — or to riddle with bullets from the Tactical Assault Rifle, which is also added to this mode. Can you headshot a wall? As for good ol’ Save the World, Mist Pods have been added, which spawn enemies until they’re taken out and there’s a new skin for Constructor Izza, the dino-delightful Prehistoric skin, which gains armor as it loses shields.

Keep track of everything that’s new with this update on the Fortnite site.


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