Following the launch of Open Beta in North America and Europe on March 2, ASTA will roll out testing in Latin America and Brazil on the 8th. The localization of the game is being handled by online games publisher Axeso5 — a well known Latin American game company. They will service both the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the game.

The game will be launching with two servers in the region, LATAM East and West, for better latency.

Players in these regions wanting to try out the beta will be able to do so via the Axeso5 site.

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  1. Despite all the hate coming from people probably born 2000 and on, this game looks quite fun and reminds me of WoW (which is a good thing for me). Looks clean and I’m surprised a f2p game took the time to delay launch in order to avoid gold sellers (somewhat) on day one and to polish up translations. Most f2p games I’ve seen have horrid translations from Korean –> English. Looking forward to this one. Looks quality.

  2. what a bad decision, omg

    a game that is bound to have a low population will divide it even more… what is worse, the brazilian version is on the hand of a LATAM publisher, a company that most brazilian don’t even know exists

    just to make a comparison, the brazilian facebook of this company has 29k followers, Level Up, the decent publisher here, has 737k… even Ongame (only popular game they publish is point blank) has 307k xD

    well, this game will close soon anyway 😛

    • Where do you steal this logic from? I want some too.

      Did it ever cross your mind that this new publisher may have surfaced around publishing ASTA? Why would there be a contract between the developer and an obscure publisher? Maybe because if it’s not powerful enough, it’s more flexible to the developers’ decisions and won’t force it’s opinion on how the game should be ran.

  3. Age of Wushu/Wulin, Swordsman, Silkroad 2, Icarus, Blade and soul, Asura, Asta, all are the same thing over and over again so nope, GW2 still the best so far

    • ASTA plays like WoW, AoW is its own thing, Swordsman is a graphically upgraded version of Jade Dynasty/Perfect World, Silkroad 2 is even worse than Silkroad 1, B&S is its own thing, I dont remember the rest.

      Each game play differently and no, GW2 isn’t the best ESO is better.

      • meh i wasn’t talking about graphics, or “their own thing” i’m talking about being the same generic grind fest asian themed games, the lord of the rings is even better than ESO there’s now doubt about it, and gw2 is way better than the lord of the rings, there’s no doubt about it

  4. here’s a thought… how about adding some gameplay footage instead of just trailers that show no gameplay?
    i suppose i could google it and look for gameplays myself, but then i wouldnt need to check game sites would i?


    • this type of game usually don’t put a lot of screenshots and videos on their site, it is on purpose… if you watch the first look you will see why 😛

  5. Forgot to mention, this is the only game (so far) that I’m really looking forward to, it’s going to be amazing… March 2nd, here I come!!! 😀

  6. Nice! I always felt bad for players left out due to their location, but they are going to play the game only 6 days after us, that’s great. I wonder if their game’s localization will have Korean or English or Spanish/Portuguese voices.


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