A new content update hit Webzen’s free-to-play MMO ASTA today, introducing new bits of content for both PvP and PvE players. PvPers can look forward to a new battleground map titled “Dreamworld” where they can fight to capture the Sword of Prophecy while taking turns as attackers or defenders.

PvE players, on the other hand, get a new world boss to take on just west of Wado. Players of both factions can take him on in bids to earn Unique and Artifact-grade items. A “Hard” difficulty has also been added to the raids in the Mountain of Trials. In this difficulty level it’s impossible to revive without the aid of a healer. And as expected, mobs will be more difficult to defeat but drop better equipment.

A few other small changes have also been made including a bug fix that stops pet sounds from being heard when the game is in the background.

To celebrate the update, Webzen is holding a special event in which every day between now and the 26th will be dedicated to a different raid. Every day, upon logging in, players will be gifted with a Key Talisman for the day’s raid that will offer them an extra attempt on that specific raid.

A list of all the raids and days dedicated to them can be found on the official announcement.

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  1. The game was fun for the first two or three weeks. It’s overall repetitive, sort of easy, but grindy. At least the art style is nice. I recommend this game for people who are new to MMORPGs and never really played any. Only they will enjoy it more.

    But then again, if I have to recommend anything to people who are new to MMORPGs, I’d recommend Vanilla World of Warcraft 1.12.1 private servers with x1 Blizzlike rates on everything. That’s the best MMORPG that ever existed, not the expansions after, just Vanilla. It’s the game that everyone should play as their first game so they can realize what kind of shit most games are and prevent themselves from wasting time and money.


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