Atlas Reactor To Launch October 4... But First! Open Beta

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Trion's turn-based action game, Atlas Reactor will be making the leap to fully fledged game in just a few short weeks -- October 4. But before that, there's still a bit of business to take care of: Namely... Open Beta.

As of today, those interested can hop into Atlas Reactor and give the game a run for its money. The beta will run for ten days (Sept 15 - 25). Then there will be a five day break, after which Founders who pre-purchased the game can jump into Head Start on the 30th.

While the full game is Buy-to-Play -- costing $19.99 prior to launch and $29.99 after, there is a free-to-play version available as well available via Steam.

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Discussion (13)

NGoHT 7 years ago
Funny trailer. not gonna play.

Rudolf 7 years ago
There are a lot of Trion haters who give bad reviews even not tried game itself.

This game is fun and good. It is a turn based strategy game which is much better than those new trash MOBAs or CCG.

x 7 years ago
trion , no thanx but animation of trailer was good

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rickshaw 7 years ago
This game looks crap & its run by the worst company in the world to look after your game..Trion.. totally hopeless.

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notanMMO 7 years ago
You guys do know, is ISNT an MMO right?

Garthgantu 7 years ago
Atlas Reactor is NOT an MMO, by any stretch of the imagination.... it's more of a turn-based MOBA, with simultaneous turns. So it's a combination of thoughtful strategy and pressure-packed teamwork, with regular bursts of action every 20 seconds (the time allotted for locking in your move each turn). Why not give it a try during Open Beta?

ASD 7 years ago
I admit modern MMOs can pull off fantastic trailers but they don't wanna do good gameplay or they decide to do p2w garbage. I haven't found a MMO that is better then world of warcraft yet. And if Atlas reactor is the same like the other trion worlds games then your better off not playing this game. I've played trion worlds games before it's awful I mean they got great games but trion worlds is a awful publisher.

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