Archage Polar Bear

Trion Worlds always been listening to the negative feedback regarding ArcheAge — the question has been whether the company could do anything about it.

In response to a lengthy thread on the official forum regarding ArcheAge’s many issues, Senior Community Manager Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan gave some insight into Trion’s upcoming plans, which included an easing of the RNG and greater loot drops for the August update:

“our August update will address some major concerns. Some of the highlights include improving black pearl drop rates by making them drop from aqua farm oysters at an acceptable rate, increasing the drop rate for haunted chests/Auroria cloaks, increasing the drop rate of Fusciafin from the Sea of Drowned Love, and more.”

Going forward, Trion plans to introduce more consistent ways of getting gear, such as by awarding some kind of progress toward rewards when you don’t get the lucky drop, which isn’t a bad idea for an MMO released in 2010. Also, Brennan reports more advances have been made on hitting bots and hackers, with 300% more bots being banned in the past two weeks alone.

It’s a nice sentiment, but it’s a good question as to whether it’ll be enough to get people to come back. if you tried and left ArcheAge, what would it take for you to come back?

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  2. Well, when the game initially launched, I have to admit that I had some certain dosage of fun while playing it, but after reaching level 35 @ 99%, I was so jaded with the game, I didn’t even bother gain the 1% till level 36. I remember back then, the servers were so full, I had to wait in queues, last time I checked, not a single server was even halfway full. Shame, but this is how things in life go…


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