In the early days of F2P MMORPGs, cute anime-inspired MMOs ruled the land. Much like the dinosaur however, this breed of MMO has seen a steady decline as F2P became more widely accepted in the west and MMO developers begin to branch out towards new themes. Among the tides of change, developer X-Legend has persisted, launching several of the most popular anime styled MMOs in the last few years. Their latest title, Aura Kingdom, was just released in the West today under publisher Aeria Games and goes a long ways towards proving Anime MMOs are still alive and kicking.

Having just completed its closed testing phase, where Aeria announced players logged nearly 1,000,000 hours of gameplay, Aura Kingdom’s open beta is now available to everyone. If you happen to jump in during the Open Beta, Aeria Games is currently hosting special events each day of the week including special boss summons and a game of hide and go seek with the devs. Participating in these events will earn the player a host of prizes including Loyalty Points (used in Aura Kingdom’s cash shop).

More information can be found regarding Aura Kingdom’s Open Beta by visiting the official site here.

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  1. -no mana system?
    -suck and bad skill system ._.? gain skill just lvling up ur character, there no suck build or something
    -using advanced stats? better stat like STR AGI INT or somthing
    -there no such magical or physical attack
    -overal skill and stat system is suck.. the only great is only they graphic.. ._.

  2. In my opinion, I think Aura kingdom has good graphics and an interesting story , you’ll enjoy at first , even if you have to endure the constant maintenance that last for hours , then from level 50 you ‘ll get bored because everything becomes repetitive, even you have to keep in mind that during the maintenance you can lose your eidolons (which are the companions that help you during the game – dragons, fairies – etc ) , your clan, team or even your own character, so they will say that , you should send a ticket with your complaints and the evidence of your lost things (that means that think that you should take pictures of your staff all the time) , but at the end they will do nothing at all and if in case, they do anything, they will send you things that do not serve anything all to your account and noted: “Our apologies for the inconvenient this is Causing you .
    Best regards,
    Team Aura Kingdom
    Which not only happens to one person, it happen thousands of players in Aura Kingdom . So, in a nutshell, if you want to play Aura kingdom is up to you, because if during the game you have any problem, they will not fix it and only just get you bored faster.
    ” Best regards”
    Ex player of Aura Kingdom

  3. Game is good, nothing new but the whole package is being executed well so the game feels solid. Worth trying out if you want to, you lose nothing right.

    • the game is terrible it lacks everything pvp pve and content….. aeria has no idea how to code or do fixes they even got ddos’ed and brought the servers down and a company this big? doesnt even have ddos protection? ive played on private servers who have better DDos protection than aeria

      Aeria are a cheap ass company who rely on Akami netspyware to use other peoples computers as slaves so people can download the game from them instead of aeria actually having a direct download but hey that would cost them money

      i also believe someone hacked aeria AGAIN… and deleted peoples characters etc it took aeria 9 hours of down time to fix it “Ddos” but most people characters were still missing lol?

      the main selling point is eidolons and they are useless they do no damage

      i got to level 55 “max content” in a week then was left wondering wtf do i do now? this game lacks sooo much it isnt funny

      free advice if you play an aeria game uninstall akami and ignite they are 2 useless programs you will never need and just run their games from the launcher

      • i agree with you i play this game in close beta cause i buy the founders pack and now in the open beta after open beta i have been playing for right now more then 2 weeks i already got 2 level 50 and 1 level 57 this game gets boring after while, lack of PVE and PVP content they didnt relase full content just part of it if you wanna level up you must grind dungeons and daily quest just for nothing except gold and some items…. btw got boring after 3 weeks and i quit waste of time and money

  4. Game is MEH..

    Nothing that hasn’t been done before.

    Spam 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, hotkeys.

    Game has auto route to everything. Click quest, auto run to location done.

    Only costumes shows up. Found epic dungeon armor, too bad you still look like everyone else.

    Mounts are useless. You can double jump then glide.

  5. lol i love that playerswould like to have a game with good graphics but shitty gameplay rather than good gameplay seriously guys its not so bad its actualy pretty fun to play. but if you dont like it i gues i can respect it but dont freaking insult players who like it because they actualy know what game is actualy good and what isn’t

  6. i have bot already…zzzzzzzzzz this game has no gameguard protection… one day there will be lot of botters in this game just like eden eternal zzzzzzz

  7. Bad game is bad.
    Plus you have to deal with tons of SAO fanboys while ingame, so there’s two reasons why anyone would be better off avoiding it.

  8. Okay first of all the graphics for anime games have a limit so ppl stop complaining about graphics next yah the skill system is recycled but those games it took it from don’t have a good pet system like this one as such with the combo pet&player idea and if u dont like it okay but its not shit i know it has nothing new but the game overall is “good” if i were to rate it it would be around a 7.5/10

    • well if i was to rate it i would shoot for 3/10,but thats just a matter of opinion inst it.
      And the limit for anime graphics…my 4 yo niece plays a browser game in unity engine i think,with a anime style thats is 100x better then this pixelated bull and better physics too.
      But keep spending in this games,that way you can help korean and chinese companies develop good games that will come out in US/EU when they are no longer any good…,like this one.

  9. Leave it to the weeaboos to play this game thinking it’s Sword Art Online. Wake up weeaboos; you will never be Kirito and this game will never be SAO no matter how hard you want it to be. Goddamn japanophile weeaboo trash.

  10. Game was able to hold my attention long enough for me to even get to lvl 40 ( which was the content cap in closed beta) so It’s not as bad as all these naysayers are crying about.

    You don’t like the game fine. You said what you needed to say now just drop it.

  11. no offense to anyone, but this game is a bit over hyped. After 6 months to a year i can see people saying that its boring as crap .-., hell i played eden eternal for like a year and got level 71. then the grind became boring as crap. So did the grind this much gold for this. Then grind this much gold for that. Then if your lucky enough and actually get that certain. which with my experience with eden eternal, TAKES EFFING FOREVER!!! im not bashing the game, just giving some advice .-.

  12. relax you underdeveloped mongrels, the game is ok, i like it, worth playing for a while, nothing special, this guy rjc523 who defends the game in every post should think what will happen in a few months – the cash shop will ruin the game

  13. Played it up to lvl 21. Just as people before me have mentioned it’s just another generic anime game. The item shop is just as abusive as it has always been with x-legend/aeria games games and overall it just made me go meh.

    • I don’t know why your talking shit if you’ve never seen the item shop and lvl 21 is for newbs and don’t think you’ve seen everything just at that lvl, its just stupid, lvl 40 is where things start getting interesting because of the dual class weapons.
      The game has got a lot popularity already since the servers are packing with heaps of players, so its up to you if you don’t like it but don’t spout shit when you know nothing about the games unique features. Can’t deny its large popularity, its a FACT!

      • Ugh, why bother the haters here in this site, its full of people who hates anime mmos shouldn’t even bother, they’re really ignorant haters anyway.
        Seriously need to leave this community but I need the game news, ugh so heartbreaking.

      • When a game requires me to sleep through 40 levels before getting interesting then it’s a fail game to begin with…but not to worry I suppose because you can actually buy experience from the item shop so its all cool…amirite?

  14. this game is garbage. Trash graphics from 2008. Trash generic story (oh yea asians can’t think of their own lore). Trash end game. Trash overall and absoulutly nothing new. It just attract the weabos because it ripped off shit from a shitty anime. Typical asian shit. Don’t waste your time or money.

  15. I actually don’t mind this game all that much. I’ve put a couple of hours into it. If your looking for the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread then this certainly isn’t gonna be your cup of tea. As far as anime style MMOs go, graphically you’re not going to get passed a certain point 99% of the time and most of the effort is actually going(or at least SHOULD) into actual gameplay, which in the end is mute if you don’t even like how the game looks. And yeah, Aura Kingdom is pretty generic as far as MMOs go but at this point in my life cycle I find everything generic in one way or another so I just play what I enjoy playing and leave it at that.

  16. who don’t like this game just shut up please and go play the other game that best for u guys. .please don’t comment to much. .LIKE YOU CAN MAKE A BETTER GAME LIKE THIS !!!

      • and its people like you that trick people into playing shitty games…
        think about it…(if you can)
        if they did shut up
        and their were only positive reviews
        obviously more people would play the game… and who exactly would be to blame if it didnt live up to the hype and they didnt enjoy it?
        point is reviews can be good OR bad…
        but ill come down to your level…just on the other side…
        “who LIKES this game just shut up please and go play the game”

  17. Actually when I saw the first trailers of this game I liked what I saw. I think the anime style graphics look great and the skill animations are awesome. Nothing new about this game but its not that bad. Only thing I didnt like is that the “open world” doesnt look so “open”. Everything is so close and full of stuffs that the glide ability (that I think its awesome too) is useless. Cant Feel Myself in a big World like in Aion, Tera or Rift.

    • Now that you mention it, I see what you’re saying.
      My definition of open world is Mabinogi, Planetside 2 and Tera.
      This is nothing like them.
      This has towns with no monsters in them whatsoever, and the second you leave the town you’re crowded with 3 missions for enemies that are 5 feet apart from each other.
      Also the dungeons….
      you’re right, it isn’t too open world – the glide goes to waste.

  18. I’m playing this game for sure, but one thing. This game kinda looks like a rip off of elsword… Like in the beginning the town looks like elder and the “light pillar” or what ever looks like the tree of el. Not only that the girl buying the mini harp resembles Rena from the elsword series, not only that. The giant orange monster (im going to assume its a dragon) honestly closely resembles how Elsword’s 7-5 (Sandtilus) dungeon opens. And the dude in the market place with thugs with the purple hair & beard along with the darker skin resembles the NPC Emirate from elsword, fairly close.

    • wtf are you talking about? the graphics are great. and it is an anime mmo so of course it doesn’t look real. and the gameplay is new and fun.

      • new… generic gameplay? graphics from 2006? and im pretty sure this story isn’t driving this game to heavens… so not sure whats so NEW about it other than its a new mmo.

        • Don’t worry about this guy extasist; it’s clear this “rjc523” fellow intends to give this generic asian game the most sumptuous review blowjob imaginable. You know “rjc”, you ought to start working for these crappy hosts like Aeria as a Corporate Shill Yes-Man. You’d do a great job.

          • wtf are you talking about? i think it is a really fun mmo. and i have pretty much played every f2p mmos out there.

        • the graphics are great for an anime mmo i think, i think it have a good story, and it does have new things that other mmos don’t have.

          • rjc kudos for you if you like this game, but majority of people want something fresh not something old and boring, if i had to chose tab targeting 1 2 3 gameplay i would play lineage2 or just runescape i find these more appealing to me. i would love to play good anime game but this isn’t one of those.

          • Soo… you just got into the Anime MMORPG world or something? Can you stop defending this game? I played the game all the way to level 50 and stopped because honestly it was nothing new, flashy skills and pets! Wooo! No. It’s not new, it’s recycling used ideas while taking ideas from other games. The Skills etc you can find examples from any other game before this, games like Path of Exile most likely inspired the passives tree while games like Neverwinter probably had some influence on the Skill system, the idea of pets was the main gimmick yet they just attempted to merge Pokemon with a Anime RPG and add on fancy skills and call it new. The story is generic and nothing new and honestly was as horrible as the last story from an Anime MMORPG and I wasn’t even expecting much there. Stop defending a generic game with recycled ideas, just because YOU like it doesn’t mean the people who have been playing them for years do.

    • no it doesn’t and yes there is. it have a story unlike most mmos, it have a new type of pet system, and a few other things.

      • Any MMO that claims it has a story; sure. But the story it has SUCKS, period. I can say this having played SWTOR, an MMO built entirely with “story” in mind. It still sucked. It’s cute you think that “story” is a selling point for MMOs when it’s the last thing that matters in a multi-player world.

        Also, pets have always sucked and will always suck in MMOs because no one can code a proper A.I. Again, it’s cute you think this is somehow amazing or revolutionary.

        • well most mmos don’t have a good story, i think it does have a good story. swtor is p2w and it’s based off of movies. so of course it would have a good story, i think a mmo with a good story is a selling point, and i think it matters alot in a mmo, pets don’t always suck. and i have played tons of mmos with good pets ai, and i think it is a cool revolutionary.

          • I think you either work for the devs company or Aeria games. you staunch defense of this game instead of playing it kinda goes along way to show that. everytime anyone posts in here against this game you post less than 5mins later.

            oh, and clearly you don’t know what p2w is. so your mis info + defense of this game = invested somehow. thanks, and have a nice day.

    • If it sucked why is all the server and channels are FREAKING CROWDED!!!!!????????
      Its sooo damn popular that I gotta play it so badly XDXDXDXD

      • Because the games been over hyped by Aeria Games and just went into Open Beta?… Oh yeah….

        Channels and Servers being flooded on the switch from Closed Beta – Open Beta is nothing new for any F2P game that has had a decent amount of hype, I can guarantee the servers will die down and everything will become considerably more empty after a month or two when only the people who really want to stick with the game stay and the ones who got tired of it leave. Which they will, it’s Aeria Games after all.

    • It might seem to be. It was posted on the SAO Facebook page, which is grabbing the game some serious hype. I’ve tested in during the beta, and while I can say that some parts of the game is kind of rough, It’s still really good. (Though I think cannoneers could use a nerf for PvP..)

      • Doesn’t resemble SAO at all imo, Skill System is way different, the the ability to customize etc are all different and the sense of the world feels completely different than it does when reading/watching SAO(Not talking about Fairy Dance, Phantom Bullet or Mothers Rosario where the VRMMORPG switches each time, talking about the original SAO when it was based in Aincrad) If this is being compared to SAO, I honestly feel bad for SAO than… honestly. I already played this game to 50 and it was generic and boring with nothing new on the plate.


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