Rise of Incarnates

Rise of Incarnates, we hardly knew ye. Bandai Namco’s free-to-play brawler looked interesting, but apparently that wasn’t enough to keep it afloat. After launching on Steam on July 1, it’ll be closed down for good just five and a half months later.

The company broke the news via its Steam page, thanking players and announcing that the shutdown will take place on Dec. 15. IP, the game’s real-money currency, is no longer purchasable, but if you want to hop in and give the game a try, you can do so on any character, free of charge. Other consumable items will be heavily discounted.

Did you guys get the chance to try out Rise of Incarnates? If so, what did you think?

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  1. The multiplayer just didnt work for me. Every time i wanted to play with other people i played with bots. It eventually became boring. ):

  2. If you were one of those few that enjoyed the Gundam fighting games which they based a lot of this game off of then you would of probably enjoyed this game more than those who either didn’t like those game or never played them before. I played it briefly but it had a lot of issues and honestly development seemed really slow moving at the beginning and finally started picking up but as you can see it really didn’t get anywhere.

    • I agree. It’s insanely hard to get into a free to play game that I can dump hours into. The market is just getting too big. Inevitability is a must, but even at that, it’s hard to pull off because people are so used to accepting the norm. Which also explains the constant reproduction of MMORPG’s years ago and now the constant reproduction of MOBA’s. Not saying F2P is a bad model, but It takes a lot of money and a very unique aspect game-wise to strive in modern day gaming.

  3. the game looked fine i played it the graphics models characters etc ..the thing that thru me off was weird controls on pc for the keyboard .. if it was and normal wasd and a mouse im pretty sure that it would survive ;p

  4. It’s the type of Asian game that doesn’t works well in the West, should’ve never been released in English in the first place.


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