Armored Warfare Base 1

Even tanks and their crews need a place to call home.

The latest update for Armored Warfare gives players the opportunity to build a wide range of facilities for their private military companies, which then provide a series of passive bonuses, ranging from XP bonuses to lowered repair costs to purchase discounts for premium vehicles, and much more.

In all, there are 10 different buildings players can construct and upgrade from level one to level eight. Early upgrades take only a few minutes, while going from level seven to eight might take as long as 36 hours. Bonuses naturally improve with levels, and players receive a number of raw materials every day — which can be increased with the right building, natch — for free to help them build and improve their buildings. More ways to collect raw materials will be added in a future update.

You can read all about Armored Warfare’s bases here.


  1. it would be good if the base was tied in to the game in a way that no just up grading the base for points . I think it wold be good to see that you could us it for air support in the game or something special to put on your tank that other players don’t have. you my get a special tracing system that will pick up and track enemy tanks that other can not see or find. you can have a special engine in your tank that is faster at take off speed and reverse speed than other tanks. The things you could do are endless and this is something other games do not have.

  2. When are you going to introduce or are you going to introduce the British AS 90 SPG Artillery piece there is the old British one the ABBOT which is a good one bit dated now tho,

    I see you have all the latest American Artillery pieces and possibly all the Russian ones not sure on them,

  3. Fab Game and in my Opinion better than WOT. Would like to keep battles to 1 tier to keep things more equal.
    No fun trying to pound into a fully upgraded tier 5 with a standard tier 3 tank.
    Maybe there can be more daily missions too?
    And please keep Mods and cheats out of this.

  4. When are these new buildings going to be available? I am sure many players are already maxed out to level 5 as I am and the stock of building materials is rising by the day with nothing to use them on. When we upgraded the vehicle workshop to level 5 I would have at least expected to see the interior upgraded in the same manor as the exterior, instead of taking the appearance of a farmers barn. Military workshops are neat organised places when you look inside, not untidy, dirty sheds with last months unserviceable spares lying around the floor. Workshops are clean areas, Tools are in proper roll cabs, lubricants in proper flame retardant cupboards, spares racked, and the slack bloke who keeps dropping that jack handle would be fired in my workshop …… I could go on, but you get the idea. Where is the vehicle park, where I can see the armour that I have in inventory on this base? Where is the ammunition store? And most importantly, where’s the range and vehicle test areas (an ideal place for beginners to practice their skills with newly acquired vehicles?) I am not complaining here, simply making a few constructive suggestions, but what is apparent is that players are out manoeuvring the game and beginning to become frustrated with the slow pace that changes occur in order to make it better. It is disappointing however, to see the number of available vehicles has not been developed quickly enough and the existing use of lower tier vehicles has not been utilised to provide a hard level of difficulty and why should they be seriously be restricted to low tier gameplay? As a matter of choice, they could be brought more effectively into higher tier battles, just like what happens in real combat, but not without the heavy stuff to back them up, as now happens in version 13 PVE. 4 x AMX 90’s plus a tank destroyer is not what I call a balanced fighting unit, when facing tier 7 MBTs ……. and by the way, the fix for the artillery smash did not work! THANX!! As for the use of INFANTRY fighting vehicles being used to influence the AI in PVE, eg Warrior tier 9 pushing up the opponent tier rating is misguided, as a single tier 9IFV being put up against a T90 can hardly be said to be balanced. Many people have come up with suggested vehicles for inclusion in this game, so far the only newcomers are the Chinese tanks, which hold little interest for me personally, but what about the rest …….. where are they? Unfortunately I can’t even buy as a premium the mid to higher tier vehicles I would like and sometimes doing the grind is too big-a-turn-off. If my input here helps to stimulate a little deeper thought, followed by some sincere action, the AW community would be most grateful.

  5. Not sure but really have not seen as much cheat player using cheat mods , like wot and wow has now which to me really wrecks the game , I lost interest in those people since they seem to approve of all the cheating . Hope you guys keep a good handle on that and I would stick with this game which is a lot of fun .

  6. Another great game overshadowed by Toxic behaviour and lack of Admin Control. Daily leads to some of us just giving up. The toxicisty is tiring!
    Wake up Obsidian Select 100 mature adult gamers and give them minimum sanctioning powers!



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