Armored Warfare’s new season is upon us — in fact, it’s described as a “new era of devastation,” which sounds needlessly apocalyptic until you realize there’s an actual apocalypse involved:

Following the defeat of the powerful and mysterious Enigma Corporation, victory celebrations have been cut short by the sudden eruption of a massive supervolcano!

Well, it is 2020, so why not toss an erupting supervolcano on top of everything else? The cataclysm has led to a “volcanic winter” during the three-month Enigma’s Legacy event that will have players scrambling for supplies, making unlikely allies, and trying to locate the Enigma Corporation’s last shelter.

Rewards for players on the new Battle Path include five high-end Asian tanks and AFVs, including one with “bleeding edge technology” such as Non-Explosive Reactive Armor, an autocannon that delivers 500 rounds per minute, and a dual rocket launcher. Also up for grabs are various boosters, accelerators, camouflages, decals, avatars, and gold awards.

The workshop is also returning with this update, letting players improve their vehicles with various Battle Path challenges. Learn more about this update on the Armored Warfare site.

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