We see games go from paid to free-to-play all the time. Less common are games that go from F2P to paid. And even less common than that — unique, perhaps? — is a game that is free when it launches and becomes a paid game after a set time period.

That’s what’s happening with Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, described as a “last-weirdo-standing” battle royale parody game. Developer Landfall has other parody games on Steam, including “TABZ which is a mix of TABS [the developer’s Totally Accurate Battle Simulator] and DAY-Z.” Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is billed as having a huge map, unit customization, and “physics-based EVERYTHING.”

Best of all, it’s free on Steam … for now. For its first 100 hours of release, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds can be had for nothing, and you can keep it forever. After that time, it will cost $4.99. The game launched yesterday, June 5, so that would place the deadline sometime on Saturday, June 9. It’s like those infomercials that say “Order in the next 30 minutes and you’ll get X absolutely free!” only this time, it’s actually being truthful.


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