We haven’t heard much about BattleCry since its unveiling over the summer. Bethesda Softworks and BattleCry Studio’s low-tech arena battler looks and plays like a solid entrant in the genre, and the team recently put out a short trailer showing off a few bits of gameplay — and several bits and pieces of defeated warriors.

To recap, BattleCry is set in a sort of alternate early 20th century, where nations have decided to settle their differences not with vast armies toting guns but with small battles using… well, anything but guns. That probably helps to explain the copious sprays of blood present throughout the teaser video: decapitations make for much messier combat than simple entry and exit wounds.

Two things to notice in the video: the beta is confirmed as starting in 2015, and what’s that “Our Glorious Dead” monument at the 0:12 mark? Could that be some kind of in-game “war memorial” honoring a server’s best (or maybe worst) players? “Hey, there’s my name right there! *splatter* Well, guess I’ll move up a few ranks now.”



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