Battlerite Announces New Champion And Esports Event

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By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Today, Battlerite developer Stunlock Studios issued two announcements for its free-to-play arena brawler. The first is the introduction of a new champion set to arrive this Wednesday (Feb 15). The second is the announcement of the biggest Battlerite tournament so far, "Enter The Arena".

The new champion -- seen in the video above -- is a flexible melee character named Raigon. He's skilled in martial arts as well as the use of two-handed swords.

For the tournament, Stunlock has teamed with Beyond the Summit and Twitch to hold an even with a $10,000 prize pool. The tournament will run simultaneously in Europe and North America and will feature the following teams:

EU Tournament

  • TelroskMi (Teldo, Verosk, Mini)
  • MyCon - Prepare to Die (LittleMaster, GodOf, K3B4B1)
  • Intolerant (Joltz, Iska, Nyy)
  • Project Horizon (HotBiscuit, Blankzz, Wuzac)

US Tournament

  • Onslaught Esports (Averse, Arakune, Ninjas)
  • Identity Crisis (InTheFlesh, Vorime, Emperor)
  • Scylla (Maelstrom, Jeter, rarepeep)
  • Excel Wizards (Neewha, Skywind, Finlev)

The event will be broadcast on Twitch starting with qualifiers on February 19. The grand tournament will follow shortly after on February 25 and 26. More information on the tournament is available on the Battlerite blog.

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ThatWebSiteIsNoLongerWhatTheyUsedTobe 7 years ago
Hey look it's garen

Shimo 7 years ago
Honestly the game is worth the money and besides even when it comes out F2P your going to have to earn in game currency to unlock everyone so too me it's more like buying a pack for all the characters that comes with the extra benefit of having closed access.

NGoHT 7 years ago
/care till they stop with the buy in to test a 0.1 build for us model.

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