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Battlerite Royale Heading To Early Access Later This Month

Another battle royale game is just about ready for launch -- I mean, early access, which is totally not launch (except it is). This month's contender is Battlerite Royale, which, as you can probably tell, is the battle roya...

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The Top 5 F2P Games On Steam in November

Steam is love, Steam is life – and some games are more lively than others. Valve's platform has it all, good and bad.

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Battlerite Officially Launches, Is Now Fully Free-To-Play

In a world where games are in beta forever, it's nice to see a company communicate its progress toward launch to its players -- and then fulfill its promises right on schedule. Today, Stunlock Studios' Battlerite officially...

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Battlerite Implements Objective-Based Battlegrounds Mode

Stunlock Studios has added a new "Battlegrounds" game mode to Battlerite, and you'd be excused if, like me, you thought it was the developer's attempt to add a battle royale-type game mode, a la that other "Battlegrounds" game...

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