Card tricks, rose petals, bunnies, and top hats. These aren’t exactly things you think of when you think of a kick-ass brawler. But that’s what you’re getting with Battlerite‘s latest champion. Zander “The Magnificent Magician” is a ranged support character inspired by theatrical magicians… only his tricks are more dangerous to those around him.

His arsenal of magic tricks include turning himself into a rabbit, conjuring mirror images of himself, and turning his foes into sheep. His abilities are a mixture of attacks and heals, with some — like Trick Shot — doing a bit of both. He makes heavy use of illusion, combining his Mirror Image ability with Trick Shot to trick his opponents into thinking his attacks are headed one direction when they’re going another.

Zander arrived as part of patch 1.3 and players wanting to check him out can do so now. More information on the new champion is available in the latest set of patch notes.

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