Blizzard released a rather sizable new patch for it’s free-to-play MOBA — Heroes of the Storm — today. The update introduces a new special event — Xel’naga Artifact Hunt, a new Hero — Alarak, and a new Star Craft themed Battleground — Braxis Holdout.

In the Xel’naga Artifact Hunt, players are tasked with tracking down SCV’s and eliminating them before they can find the artifacts that have begun appearing the Nexus. Of course, it’s not all killing. Once the SCV’s are eliminated, players are welcome to collect the artifacts for themselves and earn some rewards.

The event is divided into a Daily Quest in which players will earn a 1 day Stim Pack for collecting 12 Artifact Pieces during a single game, as well as an Event Quest. The Event Quest requires players to collect 150 Artifact pieces before October 18. Those who are successful will earn a Xel’naga Artifact Portrait.

In addition to the above things, Blizzard is also offering players the chance to add another Hero to their ranks for free. Players can choose between one of three characters: Anub’arak, Thrall, or Tyrande. If a player owns any of those characters, they will be replace with Nazeebo, Sonya, or Uther. If all six characters are already owned, the player will recieve 4,000 gold.

This is just a small portion of new additions and changes that came in the recent Heroes of the Storm update. Like I said… It’s beefy. To learn more about the patch, you can read the notes on

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  1. NGoHT on September 14, 2016

    Still no depth, way too casual, low flexibility/customization (no deep strategy that items could provide or promote different play styles.)
    Good for casuals and starters though.

    • Patrik on September 15, 2016

      Did u even played HoTS ? 😀 WTF Way too casual ? 😀 lol every other moba is just 3 lanes push destroy base without almos 0 other objectives other than that… No items that could provide different play styles ? Trough talents u can change how your hero plays to like 3+ styles ? Sorry but your comment makes me think you are lvl 5 and you have played HoTS for max. one week….

  2. Jafarson on September 14, 2016

    if u are from Europe and want to start this game, take my invitation and we both will get bonuses, (double xp, free characters and gold) just go and register with this link below

  3. ASD on September 13, 2016

    Sad I hate mobas but the game is alright. But If you like mobas I’d recommand it since blizzard is a good developer.

    • Jafarson on September 14, 2016

      not because of blizzard, i agree blizz is N1 but i love this game and prefer cause game has objectives, there is not boring minion farming like in other games, your oponent will not be feed and not kill all your team cause you have “feeder” in team, talent system>items, 12 unique battleground with unique objectives. these and not only awesome things makes N1 moba for me

    • ASD on September 14, 2016

      I might have to look into this game then since I don’t really know much about mobas.

    • JackR. on September 15, 2016

      Lol, blizzard is now nothing but a joke, also the real name is activision -blizzard. their games now are a joke. diablo 3 is garbage, wow always was and still is a joke ( how stupid do you have to be to give them money every month to play thier pathetic scam game , then you have shitstone etc.

    • ASD on September 15, 2016

      Yeah I admit activision sucks and I was upset when they bought blizzard but I like blizzards games. And I still support them. There’s only certain ones I support I don’t support every single one since most of them are trash in my opinion.