Believe It Or Not, Chrono Odyssey Is Still Launching, Let's Take A Look At All The Latest Game Clips

No release date yet though!?

Matthew D'Onofrio
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Chrono Odyssey Skeletons

Remember Chrono Odyssey? The open-world MMORPG by NPIXEL is still on the way!

This game takes place in a fantasy realm where players can manipulate time and space. We thought Chrono Odyssey would be out by now in at least a testing phase, but nope. There’s not even a release date known at this time. That being said, the developers continue to tease us. So while we wait, check out these clips NPIXEL have shared without us thus far this year.

I really do appreciate when skeleton-like creatures in video games are animated properly to appear both weak and terrifying at the same time.

Despite being known for ugliness, those are some good-looking goblins.

I’ll wager that lantern thingy the Acolyte is holding is used to buff his buddy with the big hammer.

Hopefully the Crows have intelligent AI and you trigger aggro from the Ferdooms if still you’re bleeding from a recent injury.

I’m getting A Quiet Place vibes here (in a good way).

You just know none of these Imperials are female, or else they’d be showing a lot more skin.

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