It’s never good when your parent company questions your company’s or game’s direction. That’s just what happened recently with BattleCry, the arena battler currently in development by Bethesda Softworks’ subsidiary, BattleCry Studios.

In a recent interview with ProgressBar, a Bethesda spokesperson talked about BattleCry in less-than-glowing terms:

We have concerns about the Battlecry game and whether it is meeting the objectives we have for it. We are evaluating what improvements the game needs to meet our quality standards. The studio remains busy during this process on multiple projects.

Not exactly the most ringing endorsement.

I tried BattleCry at last year’s QuakeCon and thought it was fun and distinctive, offering a different feel from other arena battlers. Then again, maybe that’s part of Bethesda’s re-evaluation — with seemingly everyone offering this type of game now, maybe they’re concerned that BattleCry won’t be able to cut it in what’s become, or soon will become, an overcrowded market.

In any case, beta sign-ups were announced four months ago, and we’re still waiting for word on a beta that’s supposed to start by the end of the year. We’ll keep an eye on how things develop.


  1. The problem with this game is, no char is unique, there is always a mirrored version,. On top of that they have only shown one map, no advertising, no hype, no reason to love a char/warrior type, no back story for the fighters, (did I mention only one map?). If I were them, and I am not able to deliver even half of these things by holiday, I would scrap it.

  2. I though it looked pretty cool and fresh, with a fast and gory gameplay and seemingly very skill based. I get that Bethesda is worried though: An AAA company used to count their sales in millions is about to publish an F”P game that might be a little niche, while their competitors like Overwatch have serious mass appeal.
    I hope though that this will not result in dumbing down the game to mass market or even canceling the project.

  3. I think soon to be is the key phrase here I mean I love arena combat smite is the only moba I play because its fighting combat but theirs not many good ones that have the new graphic feel out right now. So if they get it out their I’ll try it out at least.

  4. Ofcourse they’re concerned, all the talent rushed out for fo4 and left this game to slowly develop itself, with Overwatch and Gigantic almost here, it’ll barely reach beta

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